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Alaska’s thaw threatens prehistoric sites once frozen in time

Sites across Alaska are likely disappearing as the frozen ground that has preserved them for centuries thaws, and erosion sweeps them away.

Raging fire tears through prized Rio museum

Television footage showed the majestic building engulfed in flames that firefighters had yet to bring under control, with plumes of smoke shooting into the night sky.

‘Uninhabited’ Amazon may have been home to a million people

Areas of the Amazon previously thought to be uninhabited may have been home to up to a million people in the centuries before Christopher Columbus arrived, new archaeological research has found.

Preserving the memories of Sg Buloh leprosy survivors

Their stories are now on show at the newly launched Valley of Hope Story Gallery in Sungai Buloh.

Author slams tourism ministry for ignoring Bujang Valley

V Nadarajan says three sites named by ministry for world heritage status pale in comparison to Bujang Valley civilisation which dates back over 2,000 years.

Malaysia can be regional hub for carbon dating analysis

Building a carbon dating laboratory is viable for Malaysia as it has the earliest historical sites in the region, says don.

Britain hands over warship artefacts to Malaysia

Exhibits from HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales, seized from Vietnamese looters last year, to be exhibited at Port Dickson Army Museum.

Archived: Cabinet interference in museum programmes?

The guided tour of the National Museum took all of 90 minutes and did not do justice to Malaysia's rich cultural and archaeological history.