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Bagaimana pula geran RM5 bilion baiki jalan luar bandar Sabah, PBS...

Wujud keperluan mendesak untuk menangani masalah kemudahan jalan di banyak kawasan luar bandar Sabah yang masih tidak boleh dilalui dengan kenderaan.

How about RM5 bil grant to improve Sabah’s rural roads, PBS...

PBS supreme council member Arthur Sen says Sabah's needs for proper roads to access remote villages are greater than Penang's.

Act on old ‘secret’ reports to solve problem of illegals, urges...

PBS Supreme Council member Arthur Sen says reports of technical committee set up following royal inquiry have been classified as secret.

Stop saying Upko joined govt for people’s sake, says ex-youth chief

Arthur Sen reminds Upko that all its seats won in GE14 had used BN funds and its betrayal had put its supporters in a dilemma.

Stop attacking party, Upko Youth leader tells ex-chief

Upko Youth information chief Dennison R Indang also reminds former Upko youth chief Arthur Sen that the term 'political frog' is more suited to him.

Ex-Upko leader slams Shafie for defending Tangau

Former Upko youth chief Arthur Sen takes the Parti Warisan Sabah president to task for saying Upko acting president Wilfred Madius Tangau is not a political 'frog'.

How to bring MA63 and Federal Constitution into sync

Article 160, not Article 1 (2), is the problem, Arthur Sen tells Warisan man.

Prominent former Upko Youth chief joins PBS

The KDM youth leader finally made his choice to join the oldest local party in Sabah after quitting Upko in July.

Sabahans jumpy over letter seeking info on remote villages and isles

Activist Arthur Sen says it's understandable that people think Projek IC 2.0 is on the cards.

Nothing left to discuss on MA63, just act, says Sabah activist

Arthur Sen also calls on the federal government to start setting aside 40% of net revenue collected to be given back to Sabah.

Harris accused of blindness to injustice

Arthur Sen says the former Sabah CM thinks the federal government can do no wrong.

Help native Sabahans too, activist tells Warisan government

Arthur Sen wants the government to give the same treatment it is giving squatters whose houses were burnt down last week to villagers whose homes were demolished by the Forestry Department last year.

Upko intact despite resignations, says Mojuntin

The party strongman says the resignations by two of its top leaders has yet to be discussed.

Shafie offers to help Upko as more members resign

Shafie says he did not expect Upko’s youth chief to quit the party but that he had been told by Upko acting president Wilfred Madius Tangau that the party was still strong.

Analyst sees Upko losing more members

'They're struggling with their conscience over the party's decision to join the ruling coalition.'

Upko Youth shocked over chief’s departure but will carry on

The youth wing is puzzled why its former chief, Arthur Sen, quit but wishes him well on his future endeavours.

Upko Youth chief Arthur Sen quits party

However, he declined to reveal the reason behind his resignation.

Upko man raps critics of Malanjum’s appointment

The Malaysian federation is not the property of one race, says Arthur Sen.

Sabah politicians upset by Petronas’ legal bid

Upko's Arthur Sen says the company is claiming resources it doesn't own while LDP's Teo Chee Kang demands intervention by the state government.

Random scanning proves fake MyKads a real problem, says Upko

Upko youth chief Arthur Sen says Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi's recent announcement also confirms findings of the RCI that there are illegal immigrants in Sabah.

Pointless to debate Pandikar, says Upko

Upko Youth Chief Arthur Sen says rather than debate, it is better to allow for a referendum to gather public opinion in Sabah and Sarawak.

All is not lost yet with Labuan, says Sabah lawyer

President of Sabah Law Society says, theoretically, Sabah can still get back Labuan but it will need the support of majority of MPs.

Pointless to cry for Labuan now, says Upko

Upko youth chief Arthur Sen says all is not lost though as the present federal government has shown its willingness to revive Labuan’s economy.

Be cool, Upko man tells Shafie’s supporters

Arthur Sen says the public should consider the lot of rural people affected by corruption instead of worrying over the fate of politicians.