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Egyptian artist paints murals on houses to celebrate haj

Each mural takes artist Eid Al Salwaawi between two and three hours.

Infantino the accidental artist

Artist and sculptor Infantino Fernandes wants people to easily understand the message behind his work.

Malaysian-born artist keeps fighting pain with paint

Despite her struggles with the painful Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Nell-Lynn Perera continues to create stunning works of art.

Beautiful art for a good cause

The Da Nang Artists Company aims to provide talented, disabled Vietnamese artists with a way to market their artwork to an international clientele.

Tintoretto’s bold innovations highlighted in US show

The exhibition comes on the heels of city-wide celebrations and shows for the artist's 500th birthday in his hometown of Venice.

Prison artist on crime and punishment

Ewam Lin believes Asian countries should aim to reform offenders, not just lock them up or kill them.

Penang murals: Street art in George Town, Penang

Some cartoon or caricature images are fashioned from wrought-iron rods while others incorporate real life objects into the painting for a 3D effect.

W Kuala Lumpur gets witty and wicked

Kuala Lumpur’s arguably hippest hotel has something up its sleeve for everyone – art lovers and party lovers as well.

Picasso’s early works to go on show in Paris

At its focus will be a large number of paintings and drawings from the years 1900-1906, described as a critical period in the artist's career.

Willem Dafoe plays tormented genius Van Gogh in Venice biopic

The movie is directed by Julian Schnabel, who made The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and is himself an artist who recreated some of Van Gogh's work for the film and helped Dafoe learn how to handle a paintbrush.

Taiwan graffiti artist swaps spray for ink in epic tattoos

A former graffiti artist, Chen, 35, switched to tattooing five years ago after learning the craft in Thailand.

Dua Lipa talks new album, Silk City collaboration

Dua Lipa discusses the prep work for her next album and divulges more about her upcoming collaboration with Mark Ronson and Diplo for Silk City in a new interview.

Trailer: Kesha documentary details making of ‘Rainbow’

Kesha takes viewers behind the scenes in the new trailer for the Apple Music documentary "Rainbow - The Film."

‘I Was Raised on the Internet’: art of the new millennium...

"I Was Raised on the Internet" will feature nearly 100 artworks, all of them interactive, and they will be used to examine the influence of gaming, entertainment, social media and smartphones on everyday life.

Artist buried for three days under busy Australian road

Mike Parr, 73, fasted during his time underground, with oxygen pumped into the 1.7-metre by 2.2-metre container to keep him alive as traffic drove on overhead.

Belgian comic book artist William Vance dies

Vance was 82 when he died.

From trash to treasure for globe-trotting Japanese cardboard artist

Fuyuki Shimazu creates art out of discarded cardboard boxes.

What do Zunar, Zacharevic, Fahmi and Namewee have in common?

They are not politicians or members of social activism groups, but they are not afraid to speak out against injustice and corruption.

Paris opens a door to exiled artists

The French capital which a half-century after it was last the prime destination for writers and artists fleeing oppression, is again becoming a haven for emigres.

Lubaina Himid becomes oldest winner of UK’s Turner Prize

Himid won the award due to the relevance of the themes portrayed in her art over a 32-year career.

‘Lao Fu Zi’ Chinese comic creator dies at 93

The well-loved comic strip has a huge following in Malaysia.

From broken businessman to awe-inspiring artist

N Poolohgasingan was broke and had lost his way, but turned his life around after learning the fine art of Chinese calligraphy.

Najib visits ailing actor Jins Shamsuddin

PM, in a Facebook posting, says he has very high regard for the arts icon, who was also a former senator.