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Arun Kasi seeking royal pardon for contempt of court, says lawyer

Joy Wilson Appukuttan says his client submitted the application to Istana Negara on Tuesday.

Contempt of court or abuse of power?

Citing Arun Kasi for contempt for just making comments about the judiciary’s practice is complete nonsense.

Punish for contempt only as last resort, Bar says on Arun...

The Malaysian Bar says judicial decisions must survive public scrutiny in order to stand the test of time.

Peguam Arun dipenjara 30 hari, denda RM40,000 kerana hina mahkamah

Arin Kasi berkata, beliau menyesal dengan tindakannya, tetapi enggan memohon maaf kepada mahkamah.

Lawyer Arun jailed 30 days, fined RM40,000 for contempt of court

He says he regrets his action but refuses to apologise to the court.

Peguam Arun didapati bersalah hina mahkamah dalam 2 artikelnya

Mahkamah Persekutuan berkata, Peguam Negara, Tommy Thomas sudah membuktikan kesnya melampaui keraguan munasabah terhadap peguam itu.

Court finds lawyer Arun guilty of contempt over articles

Federal Court says AG Tommy Thomas proved his case beyond reasonable doubt against the lawyer.

AG: Lawyer insinuated judges were corrupt in his articles

Tommy Thomas says two articles written by Arun Kasi that appeared on the Aliran website were an attack on the judiciary.

Muslim lawyers want observer status in Arun Kasi contempt case

Association wants watching brief in proceedings brought against lawyer who wrote two articles critical of court judgement.

Lawyer fails in bid to stop contempt proceedings by AG

The Federal Court rules that the attorney-general has the power to bring charges against anyone who disrespects the court.

Arun Kasi challenging AG’s move to frame contempt of court case

Arun’s counsel S Chandran says key constitutional issues like freedom of speech will be raised to revoke the application.

Bar to take stand on 2 lawyers facing contempt charges

It will study the cases and get independent legal advice before coming to a decision, says president George Varughese.

I will challenge contempt charges, says lawyer

Arun Kasi maintains that his comments published in an online portal on a Federal Court proceeding are 'constructive criticism'.

Court orders Malaysia Hindu Sangam to hold AGM within 3 months

Justice Azizul Azmi Adnan also directs the current management to circulate its annual financial statement and report to members at least 21 days before the meeting.

Lawyer: Amend laws to punish ‘senior judges’ meddling in judgments

Recent revelations have shown there are no provisions in the constitution and other related laws to look into complaints being made against anyone holding administrative positions in the judiciary, says lawyer Arun Kasi.

Court stops Hindu Sangam from holding AGM

Prohibition order obtained by 7 will remain until High Court decides on declaration sought by the plaintiffs, says lawyer Arun Kasi.