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Tag: Asean

South Korea preparing to set up joint film organisation with ASEAN

South Korea is preparing to set up a joint organisation with ASEAN to promote the development of the region's film industry.

Kemelut dengan AS paksa China dapatkan sokongan jiran lebih kecil, kata...

Tekanan hebat daripada perang perdagangan dengan AS, memaksa China menstabilkan kejiranannya dan menghalang mereka daripada mengkritik.

Tussle with US forcing China to seek support of smaller neighbours,...

Hong Kong-based daily says Malaysia thwarting efforts by China to have bilateral mechanism to solve South China Sea dispute.

‘China-backed trade pact to be finalised this year’

The deal is to be finalised by November this year.

BNM kaji wujud rangka kerja mata wang dengan bank pusat 3...

Bank pusat Malaysia, Indonesia, Filipina dan Thailand bersetuju untuk meninjau kemungkinan memperluas skop rangka kerja penyelesaian mata wang tempatan sedia ada.

Southeast Asia launches US$1 bil facility for green infrastructure

The facility offers loans and technical assistance for sovereign projects in areas such as sustainable transport and clean energy.

Malaysia-Singapore spat won’t affect Asean, says research institute

CIMB Asean Research Institute says the issues to be resolved will not harm overall relations in the grouping.

AirAsia committed to strengthening Asean presence through BigPay

Tony Fernandes says BigPay would make travelling easier and at the same time involves less cost.

Sultan Nazrin: Academia must learn from SE Asia, not just study...

Perak Sultan hopes Centre for Southeast Asian Studies at his alma mater, Oxford University, will pave the way.

Don’t expect us to take sides in any war, including in...

Distancing Putrajaya from the previous government’s support for the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen, Dr Mahathir Mohamad warns Yemen’s crisis can happen in Malaysia if people are not vigilant.

Work with World Bank to target high impact areas, SME Corp...

Malaysia scores top in Asean for SME development index but minister says SME legislation and regulation lacking.

Indonesia to challenge ‘discriminative’ EU directive on palm oil

The EU accounted for around 15% of Indonesia's total palm exports of more than US$15 billion last year.

Prepare now for brunt of US-China trade war, IMF economist warns...

He recommends that countries in the region fix problems related to their economy while things are still well.

2,000 peserta sertai forum pelancongan Asean di Vietnam

Forum dengan tema 'Asean-The Power of One' itu bertujuan merealisasikan hala tuju kerjasama yang telah ditetapkan oleh 10 negara anggota.

Asean wary of China’s Belt and Road project, sceptical of US,...

Some Western governments have accused China of pulling countries into a debt trap with the initiative.

LinkedIn to set up office in Malaysia

The world's largest professional network site wants to scale up its business in Asia Pacific.

Some quarters abusing term ‘human rights’, says chief justice

Richard Malanjum says absolute freedom is a mirage.

Malaysia beat Myanmar to join Vietnam in Asean semis

Malaysia will play the winners of group B, which will conclude on Sunday with leaders Thailand playing Singapore while the Philippines travel to Jakarta to face Indonesia.

Why is Chevrolet on the decline in Asean?

It is time General Motors understands that Asean is a mature car market and buyers will not accept old technology under fresh paint and leather.

Trump’s summit no-show draws Asian nations closer together

The US president's lack of engagement with Asian nations came just days after a trip to France for World War One commemorations at which he appeared isolated from NATO allies.

Govt looking at cryptocurrency idea, says Mahathir

The prime minister says the government is looking at the role that cryptocurrency replaces.

Malaysia enggan tandatangan perjanjian perdagangan jika tidak adil

Sumber yang terbabit dalam rundingan Perkongsian Ekonomi Komprehensif Serantau berkata demikian selepas Sidang Kemuncak Kedua perjanjian itu di Singapura.

Say no to unfair deals, dominance, Mahathir tells Asean

The prime minister says Asean needs fair and mutually beneficial trade and investment cooperation that benefits countries of varying levels.

Malaysia warns of ‘domino effect’ from US-China trade tensions

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says other developed countries will take their cue from Washington and Beijing if protectionism is allowed to spiral.