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Tag: Asia

Saudi, Palestine draw in landmark West Bank game

8,000 tickets for game were given away for free.

Koreas play to a draw in front of empty stands

Fifa president was sad to see there were no fans in stadium.

Saudi fans delight in West Bank game, shrug off geopolitics

Some are hopeful sport can bring peace to the region.

Iran thrill female fans amid Asian qualifying goal rush

Iran treat 3,500 female fans who came to stadium to a 14-0 goalfest.

10,000 set to lose jobs in HSBC as bank cuts cost

Earlier cuts announced in August after CEO's abrupt resignation.

Because of Indian Monsoon, Asia now has eyewatering onion prices

Impact of ban on exports, caused by longer rains, felt across the continent.

6 weekend holidays in Asia for adventurers on a budget

Whether it's scuba diving in Thailand, trekking in Malaysia or skiing in South Korea, there are plenty of cheap destinations to escape to.

Fifa to send delegation to ensure Iran allows female fans into...

Former French World Cup winner Youri Djorkaeff will be part of the delegation.

India’s tax cut makes Rupee more lucrative

Indian sovereign bonds offer second-highest yields among major bond markets in Asia.

Asia’s best-performing currency could potentially rise

Thailand's current-account surplus and foreign reserves shelters the Baht.

Man United’s Dalot visits ‘Miracle Doctor’ in China

Eduardo Santos says he does not perform ‘miracles’ but acknowledges his results are good.

China hacked Asian telcos to spy on Uighur travellers

China has repeatedly denied involvement in cyberattacks or any mistreatment of the Uighur people.

Ringgit terus menurun berbanding dolar AS

Kerugian bagaimanapun dihadkan oleh harga minyak yang lebih tinggi semalam, yang menyaksikan harga minyak Brent meningkat 0.8% kepada AS$61 setong.

Harvard’s economist warns Hong Kong could trigger world recession

Economist Carmen Reihart believes the Hong Kong protests could cause a significant global economic slowdown in the long run.

Asia’s chocolate bonanza sparks quest for locally grown beans

Asia’s processing of cocoa beans jumped by about 30% in the three years to the end of 2018.

US oil a threat to Mideast sellers in Asia market

The flow of oil from the US to Asia is expanding, hence resulting in rivals between Middle Eastern and American oil producers.

Brazil-born Elkeson included in China squad in landmark move

Elkeson is set to be the first player without Chinese heritage to represent China.

Aussie player ditches Olympic dream for hip hop

The Newcastle Jets and Joe Champness have an agreement that if he returns to football in the next three years he will play with the club.

Top performing fund manager says rate cuts not a solution

Long term growth is what will sustain the markets, not rate cuts says a top performing fund manager.

Asia surprises with cuts in global race to monetary bottom

Policymakers are taking bolder steps to bolster their economies as escalating US-China trade tensions threaten to worsen global growth and currency battles roil financial markets.

China warns of countermeasures if US puts missiles on ‘doorstep’

Mark Esper says he was in favour of ground missiles in Asia, while China retaliates stating it will take countermeasures against the United States.

Rates markets ripe for shake up as 5 Asia central banks...

Markets await decisions on rate cut from central banks across Australasia.

US Defence Secretary favours placing missiles in Asia

Mark Esper's comments are likely to raise concerns about an arms race and could add to an already tense relationship with China.

Saudis lead as major investors of UK medical startup Babylon

Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund will be a key investor as Babylon Healthcare Services expand into Asia.