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US military drawing up options should Syria use chemical weapons

The White House has warned that the US and its allies would respond "swiftly and vigorously" if government forces used chemical weapons in Idlib.

Russia accuses Syrian rebels of preparing Idlib chemical attack

Moscow's accusation comes after Washington said it will respond "very strongly" if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad uses chemical weapons in an offensive to retake Idlib.

US said to warn Russia of Assad hit if chemical arms...

US officials say they have information Assad may be planning a chemical attack in the northwestern province of Idlib.

Western trio warns Syria over chemical weapons use

The three UN Security Council powers released the joint statement to mark the fifth anniversary of the sarin attack in Ghouta that killed more than 300 people.

Syrian rebels reportedly agree surrender deal in al-Quneitra

There would be further negotiations on a deadline for handing over medium and heavy weapons, according to the agreement sent by the rebel source.

Israel to Russia: Assad’s safe from us, but Iran must quit...

Israel worries Assad could let his Iranian and Hezbollah reinforcements entrench near Israeli lines or that Syrian forces may defy a 1974 Golan demilitarisation.

Israel ‘not ruling out’ eventual ties with Syria’s Assad

Israel's remarks could foreshadow a more open approach to Assad ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Syria talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Wednesday.

With Assad on march, Syria rebels say cease fire agreed

The rebels said the deal was brokered by Russia and would allow both fighters and civilians in opposition areas to settle their status with the government under Moscow's protection.

Erdogan: Mustahil teruskan usaha damai dengan Assad ‘pengganas’

Turki berkata usaha damai mustahil diteruskan dengan seorang presiden yang membunuh hampir sejuta rakyat sendiri.

Assad serang pemberontak, pembangkang pertahankan gencatan

Usaha pemberontak mempertahankan gencatan memulihkan harapan perang hampir 6 tahun itu akan dapat ditamatkan.