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Japan’s asteroid probe Hayabusa2 set for final touchdown

Japan's Hayabusa2 probe began descending for its final touchdown on a distant asteroid, hoping to collect samples that could shed light on the evolution of the solar system.

Killer asteroid flattens New York in simulation exercise

The simulation exercise is a regular event among the international community of 'planetary defence' experts.

Scientists ponder what happens if an asteroid is close to hitting...

Astronomers estimate a 1% risk an asteroid will collide with our planet on April 27, 2027.

Were dinosaurs killed off by asteroid or volcanoes? It’s complicated

Scientists say the story may not be quite that simple, and that massive volcanic eruptions over hundreds of thousands of years may have contributed to the dinosaurs' demise at the end of the Cretaceous period.

Japan space robots start asteroid survey

The rover mission marks the world's first moving, robotic observation of an asteroid surface.

NASA spacecraft approaches asteroid, snaps first pic

The spacecraft, OSIRIS-REx, has snapped its first, blurry pic of the cosmic body.

Japan space probe reaches asteroid in search for origin of life

The Hayabusa2 probe settled into an observation position 20 kilometres (12 miles) above the Ryugu asteroid, officials from the Japan Space Exploration Agency (JAXA) said Wednesday.

‘Alien asteroid’ may be the oldest object in solar system

The asteroid, which originated in another star system, has been given the nickname "BZ".

Lone asteroid expelled from early Solar System found

The asteroid was named "2004 EW95".

Huge asteroid whisks past Earth

Dubbed 2014-JO25, the asteroid came nearest at 12:20 GMT and is now hurtling away from the centre of our solar system, says astronomer Ian Carnelli.

Whoa! NASA sembunyi ‘malapetaka’ asteroid bakal timpa bumi?

Jangan panik, NASA dalam kenyataannya akui lintasan asteroid akan berlaku dalam jarak yang selamat, tanpa membahayakan bumi.