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HK protesters seeking asylum in Taiwan

The fleeing activists are part of the group that smashed into Hong Kong's Legislative Council on July 1.

White House moves to block asylum for migrants crossing Mexico

A new rule redefining asylum eligibility is the latest attempt to stem the flow of undocumented migrants entering the US.

Seven migrant deaths reported in ‘extreme heat’ at US border

'The extreme temperatures during this time of year can be fatal,' says Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz.

Parents of girl from India who died in US desert ‘desperate’...

Indian asylum seekers range from Sikhs claiming political persecution to lower caste "untouchables" facing death threats for marrying outside their class.

China calls on Germany to correct ‘mistakes’ over asylum for HK...

Scores of activists have been jailed on various charges including contempt of court and public nuisance.

Transgender teenager from Brunei seeks asylum in Canada

Brunei has defended its right to implement the harsh Shariah laws.

Uganda says would ‘consider’ granting Bashir asylum

Bashir's three-decade reign was toppled last week by top commanders after four months of nationwide demonstrations.

Ecuador president defends Assange asylum withdrawal

Assange was arrested at the embassy on Thursday after Ecuador gave him up, and is now also fighting a US extradition warrant .

Out of the embassy, straight into custody

In court, Julian Assange heard the confirmation of US charges against him and was found guilty of failing to surrender to a British court in 2012.

Trump says he does not have opinion on Assange’s arrest

British police arrested Julian Assange on Thursday after Ecuador withdrew its asylum.

US judge halts Trump policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico

The judge says the government shall permit the 11 plaintiffs in the case to enter the US.

Ecuador rejects WikiLeaks claims that it plans to expel Assange

WikiLeaks said earlier on Twitter that Ecuador was about to expel its founder, citing what it called a high-level source within the Ecuadorian government.

Give refugees basic human rights please, NGOs urge govt

The NGOs want women and children refugees to be sheltered in homes or centres instead of being placed in detention centres.

‘Scared’ World Cup migrants face Russia deportation

Like thousands of other Africans, Lamin came to Russia during the 2018 tournament on a 'Fan ID' that allowed spectators to bypass the country's usual visa requirements. 

Australia rejects Sirul’s claim for asylum

The former policeman could be sent back to Malaysia if Putrajaya abolishes the death penalty.

Canberra seeks to block bid to relax tough law on migrants

Under Australia's immigration policy, asylum seekers intercepted at sea are sent to camps in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Nauru, and they cannot set foot in Australia.

Mexico ‘disagrees’ with US returning asylum seekers

Foreign ministry spokesman Roberto Velasco said Mexico had not contributed to President Donald Trump's "Remain in Mexico" policy.

Wife of Chinese ex-Interpol chief seeks asylum in France

Grace's husband, Meng Hongwei, was the first Chinese head of the international police organisation Interpol.

Saudi teen who fled family leaves Thailand for asylum in Canada

The decision is likely to exacerbate Canada's already poor relations with Saudi Arabia.

Australia FM visits Thailand amid Saudi asylum seeker saga

Thai authorities backed down from the deportation threat, handing Rahaf into the care of the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) in Bangkok

UNHCR examining Saudi woman’s asylum bid as family due in Bangkok

The Saudi government said it had not demanded her deportation, adding the case is a "family affair", but under the "care and attention" of the embassy.

Saudi woman ‘under the care’ of UN agency

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun ran away from her family while travelling in Kuwait because they subjected her to physical and psychological abuse.

N. Korea diplomat seeking asylum in Italy

The last senior North Korean diplomat to defect was Thae Yong Ho, who abandoned his post as deputy ambassador in London in 2016.

US to send migrants back to Mexico to wait out asylum...

The arrival of several thousand Central Americans in Tijuana about a month ago prompted US to mobilise the military to beef up border security.