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Tag: Atheism

Group says advocating atheism is against the constitution

Atheist Republic movement has no right to freedom of speech if its endeavour disrupts peace and harmony within religious communities in Malaysia, says Macsa.

Richard Dawkins slams deputy minister’s claim on atheism

The biologist says he is stunned by the claim that atheism contravenes the Federal Constitution.

A Muslim’s defence of atheists

Writer says freedom of religion simply means that no one has the right to question a person's beliefs, regardless of whether those beliefs conflict with their own.

Pua: ‘Attack’ on atheism opens new chapter in shrinking rights

DAP MP says it is not right to interpret the Federal Constitution’s provision that every person has the right to profess a religion as meaning that everyone must profess one.

‘Freedom of religion includes freedom to opt out of religion’

Lawyer Art Harun says the provision for freedom of religion is not a requirement for Malaysians to profess a religion.

Atheism is not unconstitutional, legal minds tell deputy minister

Freedom of religion includes freedom not to be part of any religion, and the state cannot compel every citizen to follow some religion, say an ex-judge and a lawyer.

Bebas: Atheists are not a threat

Civil rights group says atheists just want to be left alone without having religious beliefs forced on them.

Freedom of religion, not freedom from religion, says Putrajaya

Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki says atheism has no place in the constitution.

Communist Party paper warns officials against spiritual practices

The People's Daily in China takes to task officials who 'go to monasteries, pray to God and worship Buddha', saying communism is about atheism.

Intolerance rising in Malaysia, says report

This is believed to be largely due to the influence of Malaysians who study in Saudi Arabia and, upon their return, introduce Salafist ideas into the nation’s administration.

Siege mentality leads to extremism, says Khalid Samad

Amanah communications director Khalid Samad says Muslims must be more open with interpretations of their faith.

Malaysia no longer moderate, says US-based academic

Expert on Southeast Asia politics and security, says minister Shahidan Kassim's comment on atheists reflects growing intolerance within Malay community over religious matters.