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Tag: atheist republic

Group says advocating atheism is against the constitution

Atheist Republic movement has no right to freedom of speech if its endeavour disrupts peace and harmony within religious communities in Malaysia, says Macsa.

Bebas: Golongan ateis bukan ancaman

Kumpulan hak sivil Bebas berkata dakwaan timbalan menteri mengatakan ateisme menyalahi perlembagaan, jenayah dan ideologi "sangat berbahaya" adalah tidak berasas dan tidak rasional.

Study linking atheists and morality unreliable, says academic

Study by international team led by American psychologist cannot be used as evidence that atheists are morally bad or even good, says UPM lecturer.

Malay atheist fears he might be killed

He says even his Facebook friends could turn into 'real-life threats' with their comments on how it is 'halal' to kill atheists and apostates.

Malaysia probes atheist group after uproar over Muslim apostates

Though not a federal crime, critics say deepening fundamentalism within the Muslim majority is threatening religious freedoms in the country.