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Indonesia’s atheists live a double life in fear of jail or...

Indonesian authorities insist atheist beliefs are not illegal - as long as they're not aired in public.

Richard Dawkins slams deputy minister’s claim on atheism

The biologist says he is stunned by the claim that atheism contravenes the Federal Constitution.

Bebas: Atheists are not a threat

Civil rights group says atheists just want to be left alone without having religious beliefs forced on them.

Muslim atheist questioned by police, Islamic authorities, says report

A member of the Kuala Lumpur-based atheist club tells The Australian that a friend has been questioned by police for long stretches, and asked to turn over his phone and his Facebook account.

IGP gets flak over warning to atheists

Islamic Renaissance Front says the police's job is to maintain order, not to encroach on personal liberties.

Study linking atheists and morality unreliable, says academic

Study by international team led by American psychologist cannot be used as evidence that atheists are morally bad or even good, says UPM lecturer.

Siege mentality leads to extremism, says Khalid Samad

Amanah communications director Khalid Samad says Muslims must be more open with interpretations of their faith.

Malaysia no longer moderate, says US-based academic

Expert on Southeast Asia politics and security, says minister Shahidan Kassim's comment on atheists reflects growing intolerance within Malay community over religious matters.

Malay atheist fears he might be killed

He says even his Facebook friends could turn into 'real-life threats' with their comments on how it is 'halal' to kill atheists and apostates.

Malaysia probes atheist group after uproar over Muslim apostates

Though not a federal crime, critics say deepening fundamentalism within the Muslim majority is threatening religious freedoms in the country.