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Najib shouldn’t lie over attacks on Kuok, says Nazri

The Padang Rengas MP reiterates that he criticised the tycoon in order to defend his former boss.

Saudi king says attacks by Iran-backed groups threaten global oil

King Salman says the attacks on Saudi oil pumping stations not only threatens the security of the kingdom and the Gulf, but also maritime safety and global oil supplies.

Arrest politicians sowing hatred to stop terrorism, says anti-crime expert

USM's P Sundramoorthy says politicians have the power to directly and indirectly influence ordinary folk to carry out acts of violence and it is time the police acted against any politician fuelling racial and religious hatred.

New Zealand PM targets online hate after mosque attacks

Ardern says the Christchurch massacre underlined 'a horrifying new trend' in extremist broadcasting their atrocious actions.

Cops foil bid by terror cell to attack non-Muslim places of...

IGP Abdul Hamid Bador says four men who are part of an Islamic State wolf pack were arrested in swoops in Terengganu and the Klang Valley last week

Gunmen kill 6 in Burkina Faso Catholic Church

The gunmen managed to trap some of the worshippers, killing 6 people.

Sri Lanka Catholics hold first Sunday mass after Easter attacks

The sprawling church car park was empty as the authorities bars vehicles from entering the compound as part of high-level security.

Church calls for calm after Sri Lanka clashes

Videos circulating online of mobs throwing stones at Muslim businesses, destroyed furniture inside homes, shattered windows and overturned vehicles.

Sri Lanka attack mastermind used chatrooms to sway suicide bombers

Zahran Hashim worked for months in private chatrooms to persuade six young men to sacrifice themselves.

Most Sri Lanka Islamist radicals killed or arrested

Wickremesinghe says that some of the suspects took their lives when confronted by security forces.

Keep violence over race and religion a foreign culture

Violence over race and religion can be seen all over the world, but Malaysians should continue to reject this as we have done for the past six decades.

Whither the political will to tackle attacks on transgenders?

Just a few decades ago, there was hardly any news of attacks against members of the LGBT society.

Afghans shut out by polling station chaos return to vote

The election was seen as a major test of the credibility of the Western-backed government.

Egypt condemns 17 to death for IS church attacks

Seventy-four people were killed in the attacks in 2016 and 2017 in Cairo, Alexandria and the Nile Delta city of Tanta targeting Coptic Christians, who make up about 10% of Egypt's predominantly Sunni Muslim population.

Iran fires missiles at Syria ‘terrorists’ after deadly attack

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had vowed a "crushing" response to last month's assault -- claimed by the Islamic State jihadist group -- on a military parade commemorating the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.

Nigerian soldiers protest as Boko Haram attacks surge

They were furious about a planned redeployment to a battlefront in the remote Lake Chad region after fighting Boko Haram jihadists for years without relief.

Jordan: Four people killed in raid on house sheltering militants

Militants from al Qaeda and other radical jihadist groups have long targeted the US-allied kingdom and dozens of militants are currently serving long prison terms.

Australia strips five of citizenship over Islamic State links

They join notorious Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf as the only nationals to be kicked out under tougher anti-terror laws.

Nigeria assembles 1,000 troops to fight bandits in northwest

The decision was made after dozens of people were killed in attacks in Zamfara State.

Boko Haram kills 11 troops in northeast Nigeria

The attacks underline the threat Boko Haram still poses despite repeated military claims the group is spent force.

Nearly 250 dead in IS attacks on south Syria

The onslaught began with a triple suicide bombing in the city of Sweida, which was followed by attacks with guns and explosives on villages to its north and east.

Deadly caste violence hits Indian state

Protests have been mounting across the key state since Monday, when a Maratha community activist jumped to his death from a bridge in protest.

Casualties after several rockets fired into Kabul

The rocket attacks came two days after a suicide bomber blew himself up near Kabul international airport, killing at least 23 people, including AFP driver Mohammad Akhtar.

Islamic State makes comeback in Iraq with switch to guerrilla tactics

With its dream of a Caliphate in the Middle East now dead, Islamic State has switched to hit-and-run attacks aimed at undermining the government in Baghdad.