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Tag: Attorney-General

AG pledges to support bill for legal aid law

Tommy Thomas says the Bar Council could come up with a draft of the bill to be tabled in Parliament.

AG goes to Federal Court to decide Sri Ram’s appointment as...

The move by Tommy Thomas is to bring a quick resolution to the matter ahead of a challenge by Najib Razak on the validity of Gopal Sri Ram's appointment as prosecutor.

AG should resign after ‘humiliation’ by coroner, says Umno Youth

Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki quotes coroner's finding of a prima facie case against Tommy Thomas in a contempt of court application.

AG appeals order on contempt proceedings filed by Adib’s family

Attorney-General’s Chambers files appeal against the ruling by the Coroner’s Court allowing fireman Adib’s family to begin contempt proceedings against Tommy Thomas.

Politicians race to claim their piece of techlash

Attorney general offices are scrambling to formally launch antitrust investigations against Google and Facebook.

Shafee was ‘complaining’ about prosecution team, not judge, lawyer tells court

Lawyer David Mathews tells contempt proceedings that Shafee Abdullah was not casting any negative assertions on SRC International’s trial judge Nazlan Ghazali.

Shafee’s remarks ‘just a chest-thumping statement’, lawyer tells court

Counsel says judge hearing Najib Razak's SRC International corruption trial would not have been influenced by lawyer's 'victory' boast.

Apandi: AG doesn’t merely act on instruction

Former attorney-general says a person holding the post must be ready to "call a spade a spade" according to the law.

Judicial, legal officers to have say on separating roles of AG,...

Survey forms will be distributed to get feedback from members of the Judicial and Legal Service Officers Association.

PM, AG urged to seek immediate release of activist Amri and...

Suaram also wants action against all those in the home ministry and the police force who had a hand in the disappearance of Amri Che Mat and Raymond Koh.

AG’s right to drop murder charges only against Indonesian, minister says

Liew Vui Keong says the Federal Constitution gives the attorney-general the power to institute or discontinue such proceedings.

May 9 polls outcome changed Malaysian Bar’s destiny, says outgoing president

George Varughese recalls the cold relationship with the judiciary and the Attorney-General's Chambers due to events that unfolded earlier but which changed for the better when a new government was installed.

Power to drop charges rests with AG, says law minister

Liew Vui Keong says this is provided for in the Federal Constitution.

Lawyer fails in bid to stop contempt proceedings by AG

The Federal Court rules that the attorney-general has the power to bring charges against anyone who disrespects the court.

AG lodges police report over anti-Islam allegations

Putrajaya district police chief Rosly Hasan says the case will be investigated by Bukit Aman.

Trump’s A-G pick advances in US Senate

The procedural vote is a strong sign that William Barr will win confirmation in the Republican-controlled chamber.

No impunity for ex-EC members, says Bersih

The electoral reforms group says if found guilty, their pensions should be forfeited at the very least.

AG’s comments on ex-EC members disrespectful to tribunal, says lawyer

R Kengadharan, who is representing one of them, says no proceedings for misconduct can be instituted once the king has accepted the resignation of the EC members.

Justice took a Twist

The justices and the AG will be judged by how they behave in public.

The good old dancing days at Universiti Malaya

There is a tendency among myopic Malaysians to pick on the little things.

Israel’s Netanyahu blasts media, political foes over legal woes

Netanyahu says that for three years, the Left and the media have been pushing the attorney general to file charges at any price.

Don’t twist our dance, OLY gala dinner host tells critics

The Sabah Law Society says it sees nothing wrong in continuing a tradition that showcases East Malaysian hospitality.

AG urges Sabah/Sarawak lawyers to play role in restoring MA63 rights

Federal AG Tommy Thomas says the government is committed to resolve the MA63 issues and expects amendments to the constitution and laws to be made as early as October this year.

AG exempts Orang Asli settlers from paying RM9,000 in legal costs

This followed an appeal by the plaintiffs in a suit against Tenaga Nasional and three others.