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Tag: Auditor-General

1MDB audit report no longer an official secret

Auditor-General says executive summary of 1MDB audit report is now available on the National Audit Department website.

Declassify 1MDB audit report, Mahathir orders

Police told to remove the restrictions placed on the report under the Official Secrets Act and send him the report for study.

Open up 1MDB audit report, PH government urged

Lawyers for Liberty calls for action to review Attorney-General's position, 'oppressive laws', the police force, appointment of judges, and stateless Malaysian residents.

Tony Pua: Why is Arul Kanda protecting Jho Low?

The MP says he cannot understand the reason for this, adding that Arul Kanda was not being truthful when he said all relevant documents had been submitted to PAC when it was probing 1MDB.

Unbelievable for 1MDB to deny RM430 million, says Pua

MP Tony Pua says he cannot believe 1MDB's claim that the money said to be held by Switzerland does not belong to it and that all its money is fully accounted for.

Former auditor-general Ishak Tadin dies at 86

He had previously served as transport ministry secretary-general.

A-G’s report: Not enough general welfare assistance given in Sabah

The Sabah government should give welfare assistance to more applicants who qualify for it, says the report.

A-G: RM163m injection for Sabah ports not part of privatisation deal

Auditor-General recommends that matter be referred to the state government or state infrastructure development ministry to avoid future disputes.

A-G’s Report: Sabah’s financial management gets good rating

Sabah’s accounting records praised for being up-to-date and maintained in an organised manner.

2 ministries hauled up by PAC over Auditor-General’s report

PAC chairman names youth and sports ministry, rural and regional development ministry as needing to be questioned over performance in A-G's report.

Azmin has no legal standing to sue for A-G’s report on...

The A-G's report on 1MDB is exclusively for the PAC which decided not to table it in the Dewan Rakyat, says lawyer Suzana Atan.

Lawyers: Anwar did not hide anything regarding forex losses

As the then finance minister, he had done whatever he could in the national interest as transparently as possible, lawyers Gurdial Singh Nijar and Sivarasa Rasiah tell RCI.

Forex loss RCI: Witness says AGC refused to take action

Auditor-general 'blew his top' after being told by Attorney-General's Chambers that 'orders came from above not to interfere' in BNM's involvement in forex trading, according to witness.

Umno: Lapses in Penang’s public housing system ‘shocking’

Umno rep Muhammad Farid Saad says state government is being 'penny wise, pound foolish' by hoarding money in a trust fund meant for low-cost housing.

MACC report lodged on RM18 million extra spent on hospital wing

Klang MP Charles Santiago says the RM18 million must be returned to the health ministry as it is running out of money to buy medicines.

Pua slams A-G, PAC chief for not reopening 1MDB probe

Tony Pua says Malaysians are aghast with the decision, bearing in mind the latest revelations by the DoJ.

A-G’s Report: Melaka govt lost RM4.6 million in hotel venture

What was thought to be a profit-making sale of the strategically located MITC Hotel turned out to be exactly the opposite, according to the latest Auditor-General's Report.

A-G’s Report: RM2.88 million paid for non-existent paint job

Auditor-General also highlights issues with construction of Riverside Majestic Hotel in Kuching, which is yet to be completed despite extensions totalling 758 days.

Perlis welfare dept kept giving aid money to the dead

Auditor-General’s Report reveals poor record management and unsatisfactory updating of information led to monthly payments to the accounts of the deceased.

Audit report: Federal debt grew by RM147 billion over 5 years

First series of the 2016 Auditor-General's Report released today reveals overall debt increased by 2.8% from RM630 billion in 2015 to RM648 billion last year.

‘2016 A-G’s Report still contains elements of corruption’

A-G Madinah Mohamad says the report contains findings on negligence, indiscipline, misappropriation, power abuse, corruption and misconduct among civil servants.

Criminal acts do not constitute official secrets, says Dr M

Former PM calls on Apandi Ali to remove reports on 1MDB by Bank Negara, MACC and the auditor-general from the Official Secrets Act.

Tony Pua: Auditor-general needs to relook 1MDB fiasco

The MP invites minister Johari Ghani to join him in calling for the A-G and the Public Accounts Committee to re-look the 1MDB issue in light of the latest developments.

Ambrin: Give National Audit Department greater autonomy

The former auditor-general says the powers of the NAD should be enhanced in terms of greater freedom from external controls, and autonomy in terms of management of human resources and budget.