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Tag: Auditor-General

Former youth leader challenges Najib, A-G on OSA

Former PKR activist Zahid Md Arip has filed a judicial review alleging conflict of interest in classifying the audit report on 1MDB as a government secret.

A-G explains why 1MDB report is under OSA

He says the National Audit Department (NAD) expected the final report to be leaked to the public and took the precaution to classify it as an official secret.

Kit Siang: Will police look into 1MDB offences?

DAP leader asks if police 'have their own copy' of Auditor-General's report, claims it shows criminal offences of embezzlement, money-laundering and corruption.

Parliament has the final say, Kit Siang reminds Salleh

DAP veteran knocks BN man's view that PAC report amounted to the conclusive word about 1MDB.

Salleh: PAC report the final word about 1MDB

Auditor-General's findings were among many aspects in report by Public Accounts Committee, says BN strongman

Police to check if ‘leaked A-G Report’ is genuine

IGP Khalid says Sarawak Report editor is 'unreliable' because several articles in the past turned out to be incorrect.

Pua: Release report, the cat’s out of the bag

Pointless to keep the Report under the Official Secrets Act, says MP for Petaling Jaya Utara

Govt establishes 6 committees to probe bribery cases

The investigations will revolve around ten punitive reprimands that were raised in the Auditor-General's 2015 report.

A-G: 1MDB report enough to start probe

Ambrin Buang ready to assist authorities in any investigation carried out on the state-owned investment firm and its personalities.

Kelantan to probe flood victims still living in tents

Victims of the 2014 floods refuse to move into temporary shelters, hoping houses for them will be ready faster, investigations reveal.

A-G’s report on 1MDB remains an official secret

PAC chairman Hasan Arifin says only Cabinet can decide otherwise.

In Parliament this morning

Love scams, OSA status of Auditor-General's Report on 1MDB, and Rafizi's whistleblower eligibility brought up in Dewan Rakyat today.

A-G: Improvement in govt agencies’ financial management

Auditor-General reports 180 ministries, departments and agencies score five-star ratings.

Razaleigh: No excuse to keep AG’s report secret

Umno MP cites contempt of Parliament because 'unlawful' deletions made to public accounts committee's findings.

Razaleigh: Lift the secrecy about 1MDB

Unconstitutional to classify audit report, transparency needed in keeping with Najib's statement of nothing to hide.

Pua: Crucial 1MDB info was not provided

MP reiterates that Najib not "cleared" because foreign bank statements were not handed over.

A-G confirms 1MDB report classified under OSA

Debate on PAC report on 1MDB will begin when Dewan Rakyat meets on May 16.

Mara ropes in AG to do ‘forensic audit’

MACC has interviewed just about all the witnesses in Malaysia and will proceed to interview witnesses in Australia next, says minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

Kit Siang slams secrecy over 1MDB audit report

DAP adviser says classification of Auditor-General's final 1MDB report under OSA should have been lifted when it was presented to the PAC and not after the committee tables it in Parliament.

LKS hopes for royal inquiry into 1MDB, donations

DAP veteran calls for Auditor-General's interim and final audit reports to be tabled in Parliament.

PAC’s own report to be tabled, not ‘secret’ audit report

Former PAC chief Nur Jazlan explains that Auditor-General's report is a supporting document to PAC's report

Kit Siang wants Najib and 1MDB on Parliament agenda

Confidence motion against PM and censure motion against government for making 1MDB report a secret.

PAC postpones A-G’s final 1MDB report

Report scheduled to be presented to PAC on February 24 and February 25 now postponed as many PAC members are abroad.

Reezal: PAC report will bring closure to 1MDB

Former member of parliamentary watchdog sees no need for royal commission to investigate.