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Colombian authorities bust child sex trafficking ring in tourist city

Charges include recruiting and selling girls aged 14 to 17 into the sex trade in Cartagena and abroad, and forcing them to have sex with locals and tourists.

Write to authorities, Hanipa tells Najib on daughter’s frozen account

The deputy minister says this follows news that Najib Razak's daughter who is a cancer patient has been unable to pay her chemotherapy bills.

Submit proof of money politics in Umno elections, says deputy

Mohamad Hasan says a report should be lodged to ensure that action is taken in the matter.

Call for body to tackle misconduct in civil service

Social activist Lee Lam Thye says the Public Complaints Bureau should be upgraded and an ombudsman system set up to look into public complaints of misconduct.

How many deaths, and how many rapes are too many?

Authorities need to sit down with key players and come up with a way to tackle the abuse of foreign workers.

In trouble over social media postings? What you need to know

Lawyers for Liberty says people being investigated over postings of a political nature need not provide authorities access to their social media accounts.

Trouble in Paradise: Tourism surge lashes Southeast Asia’s beaches

Southeast Asia's once-pristine beaches are reeling from decades of unchecked tourism as governments scramble to confront trash-filled waters and environmental degradation without puncturing a key economic driver.

Some Malaysian workers living like destitutes in South Korea

Report says these workers are among 5,000 Malaysians lured to South Korea with promises of lucrative salaries.

China’s CEFC was scrambling for loans as authorities swooped

The company chairman Ye Jianming had been investigated for suspected economic crimes.

Police: Missing kids taken by mum, not abducted

Police say the siblings were taken away by their mother due to a marital dispute.

Lawyer: Resume Pastor Koh inquiry to check negative perceptions

Gurdial Singh Nijar says the subject matter of the inquiry and the abduction case in court are different.

Eight Turkish soldiers killed in Syria, 13 wounded: army

Turkey suffered heavy losses on Thursday during its offensive against a Kurdish militia in northwest Syria, with the military announcing that eight soldiers were killed and 13 more wounded.

Singapore’s planned terror response stokes concerns over press freedom

The move comes as Singapore considers legislation to fight fake news, which could further hinder already limited press freedom.

Why human trafficking victims stay silent

Many of them face language barriers and are afraid of the authorities while others are threatened with deportation or harm to their family members back home.

Dodgy investment schemes: There must be limits to stupidity

Writer says many of those who are involved in dodgy investment schemes are not simple-minded people as they know what they are getting themselves into.

Crooks getting more creative in pushing scams

Two DAP leaders expose the latest scheme which uses mobile apps to promote a cash payback scheme that has already netted more than 150 “investors”.

Political violence becoming the norm, says Bersih

Bersih steering committee says authorities must put an end to the trend of violence while Cenbet asks Malaysians to choose dialogue, not brute force.

Fed up villagers ‘raid’ drug dens themselves

Community leader Tony Kulleh says the authorities have done nothing to curb the drug problem in the area, leaving the villagers no choice but to take matters into their own hands.

Chief Justice: Commission has sent names to fill vacancies in judiciary

New chief justice, court of appeal president and chief judge of Malaya are expected to be unveiled soon.

‘No point having laws but no action against Ah Long’

Consumer group says local authorities are not doing a good job of clearing illegal advertisements plastered around town by loan sharks.

Disruptive passenger grounds AirAsia flight

Flight bound for Banda Acheh, Indonesia, evacuated as authorities conduct search after 'bomb threat'.

Police keeping tabs on online IS newsletter

The newsletter aims to spread IS ideology among Muslims in Malaysia and Indonesia, and is believed to be managed from the Philippines.

Fake UNHCR cards putting Malaysia at risk

Only RM120 to obtain a fake UNHCR card complete with security features.

Motorists using fake OKU stickers anger disabled drivers

JPJ-issued parking stickers for the disabled are now sold openly and being abused by non-disabled motorists who park in their bays.