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Tag: Awang Azman Pawi

Analysts differ on how Warisan should handle PPBM’s entry into Sabah

One says 'be more accommodative' while another says Warisan should make clear its stand on PPBM's pre-GE14 promise.

Why Najib won’t be another Anwar

Many see the charging of the ex-PM not as political persecution, but the triumph of the rule of law.

Cabinet composition ‘slap in the face’ for Sarawakians, says analyst

Political analyst says it is unfair that Sarawak DAP veteran Chong Chieng Jen has been made a deputy minister while PPBM newbie Syed Saddiq has been appointed a full minister.

Analyst: Candidate list bad for Umno’s future

There aren't enough young people to help in the party's rebranding, says UM's Awang Azman.

Waspada Gabungan Parti Sarawak, penganalisis beritahu PH

Awang Azman Pawi berkata langkah 4 parti komponen BN Sarawak itu ibarat ular bersalin kulit tetapi isi tetap sama.

Najib praised as worthy opposition man

An analyst notes that he responds to criticism with facts instead of rhetoric.

Consider becoming multiracial, Umno told

The party has to think of making itself relevant to the times, says an academic.

Analyst: Hard for PAS to win Shah Alam

UM's Awang Azman Pawi says Khalid Samad will be a formidable opponent.

Amanah: Confused PAS members will vote PH

Salahuddin Ayub exults over conflicting reactions of the Islamist party's leaders to EC's decision on the election date.

Analyst: BN sees Dr M as real threat in Kedah

Awang Azman of UM says one indication is Najib's pledge of RM1.3 billion worth of projects for Langkawi.

Analysts split on PH’s chances in Kedah

One says BN is too solid to be toppled, but another speaks of a wave of support for Pakatan.

Analyst: PH strategy should worry Umno

Awang Azman says the coalition's recent moves were obviously geared towards getting Malay support.

Umno told: Don’t itch for non-Malay seats

An analyst says the party risks defeat if it fights in battles that BN traditionally entrusts to other component parties.

Why Umno should allow contest for top posts

An analyst says the party, if it wants to avoid being seen as hypocritical, must adhere to democratic practice.

Cameron Highlands: Forget MIC, BN told

It's better for the coalition to field an Umno candidate, says an analyst.

Analyst: PPBM’s woes normal for new party

UM's Awang Azman recalls similar problems for PKR in its early years.

PKR’s squabbles will hurt PH, says analyst

'Voters will think this kind of thing is going on in the other component parties as well.'

‘Jangan anggap rakyat jahil motif politik dalam isu RCI Memali’

Awang Azman Pawi berkata rakyat sudah pandai menilai motif politik di sebalik sesuatu gesaan oleh kerajaan.

‘Don’t take people for fools with Memali RCI’

UM academic Awang Azman says the government risks a backlash for insulting the public's intelligence.

Mustahil PRU14 November ini, kata penganalisis

Pensyarah Universiti Malaya Awang Azman Pawi ketidakmungkinan itu berkaitan dengan tarikh pembentangan Bajet 2018 pada akhir Oktober, bukannya kerana sentimen negatif ekonomi negara.

November GE14 date bad for many reasons, says academic

UM’s Awang Azman Pawi says there are many reasons why general election won’t be called in November, refuting Rafizi Ramli's claim that it is due to weak economic sentiments.

GE14: Analyst sees Najib waiting it out

Awang Azman of UM says the PM may want to give BN more time to implement people-centric programmes.

Don’t underestimate PAS, Pakatan warned

An analyst says the strength of the Islamist party's election machinery should not be ignored.

Usbo is BN’s answer to Warisan, but…

There's no chance that the NGO will become a political party, say analysts.