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Top 10 blogs to follow for great mental health

Once-taboo discussions now have a prominent place in your lives and workplace.

Workers still fear reporting misconduct of bosses

Whistleblowers reported only 124 cases between 2015 and April this year to the 7 enforcement agencies.

Thousands of UK kids skip school for climate protests

Children clambered onto statues in the shadow of Big Ben to call for action, and to raise awareness.

The brain stays attentive to its environment while we’re sleeping

A study has revealed the brain has the ability to process and filter sounds while we are sleeping.

Topless, singing Serena sparks internet breast cancer stir

In the Instagram video, Williams covers her breasts with her hands while singing a version of Australian band The Divinyls' 1991 hit in support of Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Sofia Vergara fronts breast cancer awareness campaign for Stella McCartney

Proceeds from the Rose Romancing pink lingerie set will benefit the Linda McCartney Centre in Liverpool, UK, the Hello Beautiful Foundation in London, UK, and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Breast Examination Center in Harlem.

Hundreds of Philippine mums in show of support for breast-feeding

Hundreds of Philippine mothers simultaneously nursed their babies in public on Sunday, some of them two at a time, in a government-backed mass breastfeeding event aimed at combating child deaths.

Bilingual and woman-led, Downtown Boys bring fresh relevance to punk

Attacking male entitlement and economic disenfranchisement with a shouted mix of English and Spanish and intense bursts of saxophone, Downtown Boys are rejuvenating punk rock for a new era.

Indian mothers campaign to end breastfeeding stigma

Clutching his elephant toy, Avyaan's conversation is pretty much limited to a happy gurgle, but the nine-month-old might be about to go down in history for helping make breastfeeding in public more socially acceptable in prudish India.

Woman assaulted on Paris street launches anti-harassment website

A young woman who posted a shocking video of a man punching her outside a Paris cafe launched a website on Wednesday which allows victims of harassment to tell their stories.

World Hepatitis Day 2018: 10 facts about hepatitis

Saturday, July 28 marks World Hepatitis Day 2018, organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) to raise awareness of the disease and focus on how it can be treated, and eliminated.

Awareness on negative effects of plastic bags still low among Malaysians

Sebastian said plastic bags being the country's number one solid waste pollutant have continued to plague the country's marine ecosystem.

Turkmenistan claims record for massive cycle lesson

The cycling awareness lesson involved 3,246 people and was held in conjunction with World Bicycle Day on June 3.

Smiles and slapstick as Rohingya refugees learn to corral elephants

A trumpet fills the air as two "elephants" charge, scattering Rohingya refugee actors at a training session in a camp which cuts deep into Bangladeshi forest once reserved for the protected species.

Facebook scandal a ‘game changer’ in data privacy regulation

Denham will say in a speech Monday that the technology industry and regulators must improve the public’s trust and confidence in how their private information is handled.

Mongolians protest to demand greater action against child abuse

After the reported rape of a male infant earlier this month in Dornogobi province in Mongolia's southeast, a group of concerned mothers created a Facebook group announcing the Saturday protest last week, and it quickly reached more than 400,000 members.

Only 5% of taxi, e-hailing drivers registered with Socso

Only 3,300 drivers nationwide have signed up to contribute to the Self-Employed Employment Injury Scheme.

Malaysians consume too much salt

Health Minister Dr S Subramaniam blames the high salt intake on food like fried rice, nasi lemak, roti canai, meat soup and instant noodles.

Nepal’s marathon monks trade robes for running shoes

The monks are hoping the sport will put their remote village on the map and provide the funds needed to rebuild homes destroyed by a massive earthquake nearly three years ago.

Subramaniam: No to kiddie pack cigarettes

It would go against the National Tobacco Policy and Article 8 of WHO's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control if the government agrees, says health minister.

Parents refuse vaccines fearing they cause autism and are haram

Most of the refusals are from parents in Perak, Terengganu, Pahang, Kedah and Selangor.

‘Medical practitioners affected by halal debate over vaccination’

Health ministry's Dr Rozita Rahman urges those informed on the importance of vaccination to help disseminate the right information on vaccines.

1,600 children not vaccinated last year

This compares with 1,500 children who did not get their jabs in 2015, says the deputy health minister.

File legal suits against government, urges Ambiga

Even if these cases are lost, the evidence will come out for all the public to see, says the well-known activist.