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Tag: Azalina Othman Said

Azalina spewing nonsense on constitutional amendment bill, says law expert

Abdul Aziz Bari scoffs at the idea of forming a select committee to study a parliamentary bill before it is tabled.

Law to fight sexual crimes against minors needs to be perfected,...

The deputy minister in the Prime Minister's Department says a comprehensive study will be done to address weaknesses in the law.

Umno denounces Guan Eng’s acquittal

'Goodbye, rule of law,' says Annuar Musa. 'It stinks to high heaven,' says Khairy Jamaluddin. 'It doesn't make sense,' says Azalina Othman.

Amend, don’t repeal, Anti-Fake News law, says Azalina

The Pengerang MP says the law is needed to fight cases involving fake news on social media.

Pinda, bukan mansuh akta berita palsu, kata Azalina kepada PH

Lebih baik kerajaan menyelesaikan isu rang undang-undang bagi meminda Akta Membaharui Undang-Undang (Perkahwinan dan Perceraian) 1976 (Akta 164).

Seizure of Equanimity lawful, says minister

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Liew Vui Keong says accusations that the government infringed on the legal processes of other nations are baseless.

Unilateral conversions: Why the silence now, Azalina asks PH MPs

Former de facto law minister Azalina Othman Said challenges Gobind Singh Deo and M Kulasegaran to table amendments on unilateral conversions under the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) (Amendment) Act 2016.

Umno polls: Azalina going for Supreme Council seat

The Pengerang MP says she will be the voice of the grassroots.

Dr M has mortgaged Malay nationalism for power, says Azalina

Minister Azalina Othman Said says it is not true that Dr Mahathir Mohamad has had a 'non-Malay' political philosophy for a long time now.

ISA was never abused when I was PM, says Mahathir

PH chairman says National Security Council Act 2016 is more draconian than ISA.

RUU berita palsu lulus ke bacaan ketiga, 123 menyokong, 64 tolak

RUU Antiberita Tidak Benar 2018 berjaya melepasi bacaan kedua di Dewan Rakyat selepas undian belah bahagi.

Hukuman penjara RUU berita palsu dikurang kepada 6 tahun

Azalina Othman Said berkata, denda maksimum yang dicadangkan kerajaan sebanyak RM500,000 dikekalkan.

RUU Anti-berita Tidak Benar cadang denda sehingga RM500,000

Jika kesalahan dilakukan berterusan selepas disabit bersalah, denda adalah RM3,000 bagi setiap hari kesalahan itu berterusan.

Fake news bill proposes up to RM500,000 fine for offenders

It will also be an offence to directly or indirectly provide financial assistance to facilitate the spread of fake news or to abet the offence.

Told to apologise, DAP trio to file new motion on 1MDB...

They say they respect Pandikar Amin Mulia but will continue to seek answers on the 1MDB issue.

Kit Siang: I never received a sen from Robert Kuok

DAP parliamentary leader says the allegation is the latest ‘fake news’ against him after he was accused of receiving money from Israeli parties and former PM Mahathir Mohamad.

E-Lelong court auctions in all peninsular states by mid-2018

The system will make bidding more transparent, convenient and efficient.

‘Fake news’ on falling car prices: Will Azalina act, asks Pua

DAP MP says Berita Harian's comparison of 2013 and 2018 prices are 'at best between apples and oranges, and at worst, comparing fake apples with real oranges'.

Zaid to contest in Gelang Patah… not!

The former minister says he is the latest victim of fake news, and asks if Putrajaya is serious about combating the problem.

Task force to help draft law on ‘fake news’, says Azalina

Minister in PM’s Department says apart from ministry and govt agencies, NGOs, and MPs will also be part of task force to ensure all stakeholders involved.

Azalina tak yakin pengundi muda tertarik calon PM ‘kitar semula’

Menteri di JPM mengingatkan pembangkang supaya tidak menyalahkan SPR sekiranya dikecewakan pada PRU nanti.

SOP launched to help child victims of sexual offenders

Integrated guidelines compiled as a joint effort by agencies and NGOs dealing with sexual crimes against children, says minister Azalina Othman Said.

Get your words right, Zaid tells ministers

Former de facto law minister says there is a difference between 'unconstitutional' and 'illegal', and that ministers should know this.

Drug Act to be amended so judges have full discretion

Minister Azalina Othman Said says the change was made after taking into consideration the feedback from relevant stakeholders.