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Tag: Azalina Othman Said

DoJ suit: Emergency session unnecessary, says Azalina

Minister says opposition has numerous other platforms at the parliamentary session to raise various issues.

Azalina calls for establishment of child commissioner

Minister says the need to establish a child commissioner will be tabled before the cabinet next week.

Bankruptcy checks made easy through MyDI phone app

The smartphone application will be available to the public from May 11.

Minister denies rapists can escape prosecution by marrying victim

Azalina Othman Said says it is considered rape if an individual has sexual intercourse with a child under 16.

‘Selangor has highest number of bankrupts in Malaysia’

Nearly 60% of bankruptcy cases involve people aged 25-44, says minister Azalina Othman Said.

Kerajaan, pembangkang bersatu sokong RUU jenayah seksual kanak-kanak

"Kepada pelaku di luar sana, kamu boleh lari tetapi tidak akan terlepas," kata Azalina.

Malaysian Bar: Halt all executions now

Lawyers’ body wants government to abolish death penalty for all crimes following Cabinet decision to review mandatory death sentence in the Dangerous Drugs Act.

Sex with underage girls is a crime, DAP tells Azalina

Teo Nie Ching reminds minister that child marriages allow for sex with a minor and that is called statutory rape, which is a crime.

Bawa usul haram perkahwinan bawah umur kepada menteri, kata Azalina

Jenayah seksual lebih tertumpu kepada elemen jenayah, kata menteri di jabatan perdana menteri itu.

Pengerang Rapid investment MoU proves opposition wrong

Minister Azalina Othman says Petronas' share purchase agreement with Saudi Aramco could not have happened without the efforts of the state and federal governments.

Forex losses: Task force will follow rule of law

Minister says the government adheres to 'innocent until proven guilty' rule.

Legal aid department to prioritise locals

Law minister says 80% of the current cases managed by the department were divorce cases, including those involving foreign spouses.

Azalina wants action on civil servants who slander govt

Minister says former civil servants should not use their position to make statements or behave in a manner that will cast the government of the day in a bad light.

Aziz Bari sceptical of end to unilateral child conversions

He cites Umno-led Perlis government's recent decision to allow unilateral child conversions as an example.

Azalina: Hadi’s bill will become government bill

The Minister in the PM’s Department says after the first reading of Hadi's bill is completed, the government will pick it up and a BN minister will then table it.

Cabinet paper to tackle child sexual crimes tabled

Paper proposes holistic approach, with policy considerations with regard to the establishment of a standalone Child Sexual Crimes Act.

Azalina: Give time for cops to investigate Maria

Law minister says all quarters should respect and hold to the principles of the law.

‘Poor English to blame for Azalina misleading Dewan on MA63’

A Borneo rights advocate slams Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Azalina Othman Said over 'wrong interpretation' on status of Sabah, Sarawak.

Azalina: Improve laws to monitor inflow of foreign funds

"It's probably not wrong to receive foreign funding because, right now, there are no special regulations or laws regarding foreign funding," says law minister.

Azalina: Political donations, expenditure act needed now

Law Minister says thorough investigation necessary to ensure funds received from Open Society Foundations was not abused or threatened national sovereignty.

Azalina: Let police do their job in Muhyiddin, Husni probe

Minister in charge of parliamentary affairs warns MPs of conduct in Dewan Rakyat, and says any investigation is only part of standard procedure.

Najib selalu isytihar cukainya, kata Azalina

Di Dewan Rakyat hari ini Dr Ko Chung Sen bertanya adakah perdana menteri dan isteri akan mengisytiharkan cukai pendapatan mereka kepada umum.

Najib always declares his taxes, says Azalina

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Azalina Othman Said, however, did not want to disclose which charities the prime minister and his wife donated to.

It’s Speaker’s job to tick off dodgy ministers

Commenting on a rant against Azalina, an academic says the Speaker must ensure the effectiveness of Question Time.