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Tag: Azalina Othman

Amendment to marriage-divorce law needs cabinet nod, says Azalina

Minister in the PM's Dept says only after cabinet approval will the clause allowing a child to remain in his or her original religion be tabled in Parliament.

Cabinet will give input before ‘fake news’ law is taken to...

Minister in PM's Department Azalina Othman says a second technical meeting tomorrow will compare draft of new law with existing laws.

Kerajaan tubuh jawatankuasa kaji undang-unang kekang berita palsu

Kerajaan berharap undang-undang itu boleh dibawa ke Parlimen pada sesi akan datang.

Garis panduan khas kendali kes penderaan seksual kanak-kanak dilancar

Menurut Azalina Othman, garis panduan ini letakkan keutamaan dan perlindungan terbaik terhadap kanak-kanak yang sering alami trauma apabila menjadi mangsa penderaan seksual.

Isu forex kerugian sebenar, 1MDB masih disiasat, kata Azalina

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri berkata tidak adil membandingkan isu urus niaga mata wang asing 1990-an dengan 1MDB.

DAP disappointed EC has only 205 assistant registrars

Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching wants Election Commission to revive policy of party having registrars to register new voters, or implement automatic registration.

Azalina says RoS should take stern action against PPBM

Minister says no association or political party should ignore the rules and go against their constitution.

Azalina: Over 14.6 million registered voters as of June 2017

Minister in the PM's Department Azalina Othman Said says about 3.8 million citizens who are eligible to vote, still have not registered as voters.

Laws to curb selling of awards enforced today

The Emblems and Names Act (Amended) 2016 and the Awards Act 2016 now have increased penalties including a jail sentence.

Azalina refuses to give expense details of Najib’s US trip

DAP MP Anthony Loke asks whether government’s reluctance to reveal expenditure details is an attempt to conceal the unjustifiably high cost of the visit.

Bankruptcy cases expected to be halved with change in law

Minister Azalina Othman Said says increasing minimum debt level to RM50,000 and removing liability against social guarantors among measures which will help those affected.

Unilateral conversions: Cabinet not ‘jantan’ enough?

Passing the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) (Amendment) Act 2017 without the crucial Section 88A(1) is a sad story of broken promises and a missed opportunity.

Unilateral conversions – 8 years and counting

It is time minister Azalina Othman Said advise cabinet task force members to be 'jantan' enough to defend helpless mothers, who are victimised by their cowardly husbands.

Tukar agama anak: Kerajaan takut untuk bertanggungjawab, kata Zaid

Kerajaan bertanggungjawab untuk berlaku adil kepada mereka yang terkesan akibat ketiadaan undang-undang melarang penukaran agama anak sebelah pihak, kata Zaid Ibrahim.

Zaid: It’s the govt that should be ‘man enough’ over conversion...

It's the government's responsibility to be fair to those affected by absence of a law against unilateral child conversion, says Zaid Ibrahim in response to minister’s call to Muslim converts to be ‘man enough’ and act responsibly.

‘Jadilah anak jantan’, pesan Azalina pada mualaf

Azalina berpesan kepada mualaf agar bercerai mengikut prosedur di mahkamah sivil dan bertanggungjawab pada keluarganya yang belum Islam.

Conversion of minor needs consent of parents, says lawyer

2003 High Court ruling on unilateral conversion ruled that a non-converting spouse cannot be deprived of the right to choose the religion of their child, says Ravi Nekoo.

Baru: Law Reform bill withdrawal due to BN fear of GE14

Sarawak PKR chief says the move to retract the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) (Amendment) Act was a political decision to avoid possible loss of Muslim support.

Govt removes unilateral conversion clause from new bill

Amendment to Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act now only seeks to allow a party who has converted to Islam to file for divorce and seek other remedies in civil courts.

Kula: Political will still lacking on issue of child conversion

DAP vice-chairman asks if a watered-down bill will be tabled instead after the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) (Amendment) Act 2016 was withdrawn today.

Kerajaan bentang RUU penukaran agama sebelah pihak esok

Rang undang-undang baharu tersebut akan dibentangkan tanpa fasal yang mensyaratkan agama seorang anak perlu kekal meskipun berlaku penukaran agama salah seorang ibu bapa.

Tindakan PKR saman speaker cemar nama baik Parlimen, kata Azalina

Menteri membidas tindakan Ahli Parlimen Petaling Jaya Selatan Hee Loy Sian memfailkan saman terhadap speaker Dewan Rakyat apabila soalannya berkaitan 1MDB ditolak.

Minister: Legal aid bureau laden with divorce cases

Azalina Othman Said says public automatically perceives legal aid as the divorce department.

1MDB-linked suits: Govt inaction ‘irresponsible’, says Kit Siang

Gelang Patah MP Lim Kit Siang slams 'shocking' response from Minister in the PM's Dept Azalina Othman on not sending anyone to observe proceedings of suits in the US.