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PPBM ‘will consider’ if Azmin applies to join, says Dr M

However, the PPBM chairman says there has been no membership application from the PKR deputy president.

Azmin hits out at Pasir Gudang MP for asking Mahathir to...

He says the MP should not have made such a call as the PKR leadership had expressed its stand to support Mahathir's leadership as prime minister.

Prioritise party meetings, PKR leaders told after Azmin’s no-shows

These leaders are told that the takwim’ (schedule) detailing party events is sent out months in advance.

PKR man says Baru Bian acted for fear of his post

Signature campaign to support party's top leaders shows signs of division, says party official.

Sarawak PKR backs both Anwar and Azmin

More than 30 state party leaders support the status quo and urge party members to close ranks

Up to cops if they want to detain Azmin, says Zuraida

PKR vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin responds to calls by Perak PKR chief Farhash Wafa Salvador for Azmin Ali to be detained.

IGP should focus on crime, not politics

The Malaysian public is less interested in the political struggles within PKR than the actual crime committed.

Hear us out first before issuing statements, PKR members urge Anwar

This comes after an almost three-hour closed-door meeting between PKR leaders aligned to him and his deputy, Mohamed Azmin Ali.

Zuraida denies she, senior leaders skipped PKR retreat on purpose

The PKR vice-president says it is a 'coincidence' that she and senior leaders like Azmin Ali, Tian Chua and Ali Biju are absent at party weekend retreat.

Khazanah akan jelas jualan saham dalam syarikat Saudi pada Malakoff, kata...

Menteri hal ehwal ekonomi itu berkata, fokus utama Khazanah ketika ini ialah pelaburan domestik bagi membantu pertumbuhan ekonomi negara.

Azmin agrees no time frame fixed for Dr M to hand...

The PKR deputy president concurs with Mukhriz Mahathir that Dr Mahathir Mohamad needs time to restore the economy first.

Protesters urge action against Azmin Ali

They claim the minister has embarrassed the nation.

Nobody exempt from MACC probe, says Latheefa

If anyone has a complaint under the jurisdiction of the MACC, we will follow up, she says.

Forensic task force to determine authenticity of sex video

The deputy IGP says the task force includes members of the police, MCMC and other agencies.

Cabinet has no objections to Latheefa’s appointment, says Azmin

The economic affairs minister says no one raised objections during Wednesday's Cabinet meeting.

Don’t pressure Azmin to take leave, urges Anwar

The PKR president says such calls will have a negative impact on the leadership of the party and country.

Video seks: Azmin belum dipanggil polis

Timbalan presiden PKR memaklumkan polis belum memanggilnya untuk disoal berhubung video seks sejenis miripnya.

Dr M says sex videos cooked up by those with political...

He says anyone can produce such sex videos. 

Unlike the meek civil servants, Latheefa will be different

She will have all the necessary traits and abilities to go after those who have been hiding and those who are seeking new political friends.

Stop criticising Nurul Izzah, focus on economy, Anwar chides Azmin

Anwar says the most important thing at the moment is resuscitating the economy.

PH strongly backs Mahathir as PM, says Azmin

There is no issue of a no-confidence vote against PM, he tells Dewan Rakyat.

Azmin sangkal dakwaan Kadir mengenai majlis ekonomi

Menteri hal ehwal ekonomi berkata kerajaan Pakatan Harapan bertindak secara 'kolektif' dan atas sebab itu majlis ditubuhkan.

Kadir is wrong about economic council, says Azmin

The economic affairs minister says the Pakatan government moves 'collectively' and that is why the EAC has been formed.

Kelantan PPBM, PKR have no issue with Azmin heading state council

Party leaders say what is important is that the council helps the people in the east coast state.