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Tag: Azrul Khalib

Tax teh tarik and bubble tea as well, says think tank

Galen Centre points to made-to-order drinks as main culprits in high sugar consumption.

Insurans kesihatan nasional langkah ke depan, kata badan pemikir

Pembiayaan penjagaan kesihatan melalui cukai kerajaan tidak dapat dipertahankan dalam jangka panjang.

Para doktor kecewa penjagaan kesihatan masih kena GST

Peruntukan untuk barangan guna habis tidak dinaikkan walaupun lebih 10 juta kes pesakit luar dicatatkan pada 2016.

Moral panic created to make Malays feel insecure, says Bebas

Azrul Khalib says moral panic is generated for a particular race to be afraid and suspicious of others, while creating a false sense of dependence on those currently in power.

Is your wallet getting lighter and lighter?

A think tank sees larger loan-to-deposit ratios in banks as indicating that Malaysians are finding it harder to save money.

MP: Rohani’s reply sends wrong message on child marriage

Kulai MP says it made it sound like child marriages are the solution in such cases of statutory rape.

Govt must evaluate what constitutes shariah offence, says Bebas

Bebas member Azrul Khalib questions whether shariah law is meant to punish or help people when they have made mistakes.

Shell standee ‘molest’: ‘What’s becoming of our men?’

Activist says the fact that the standee was of a woman covered from head to toe made void the argument that 'women should cover up to avoid sexual harassment'.

Perkasa told to show respect to LGBT community

The Malay rights group had called on Muslims to boycott Starbucks as the American cafe chain is a supporter of the LGBT community and same-sex marriage.

Cukai pelancongan: Apa jadi apabila pelancong pilih Airbnb?

Badan pemikir itu berkata, Putrajaya perlu menangani cabaran dihadapi industri perhotelan dahulu berbanding memfokuskan hasil yang ia boleh kutip.

Did Zahid call Malaysia an Islamic state?

The DPM would be wrong if he did so at a recent buka puasa event, says Tawfik Ismail.

Bebas: Lecturer’s proselytisation claim feeds Muslim paranoia

Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim calls for Muslims in Malaysia to show restraint and maturity, saying lecturer's claims a threat to multi-racial harmony.

Zakir Naik has a right to be an ‘idiot’, says Bebas

There is always an appeal for the version of religion promoted by individuals like fugitive Indian preacher Zakir Naik, says spokesperson for Bebas.

Maghrib shutdown: Is PAS saying one thing and doing another?

Amanah's Khalid Samad says it will now be harder for PAS to convince non-Muslims that Islamic laws will not affect them.

IDEAS: Civil service doesn’t exist to create jobs

Think tank reminds Cuepacs that civil service is intended to deliver services to the public, utilising taxpayer money and government revenue wisely.

Don’t miss Thursday sitting, MPs told ahead of PAS bill tabling

Bebas says MPs must speak up against the shariah bill and not allow it to move up to the next level.

Thousands vs 200, that’s PAS rally vs Bebas’

DAP's Zaid Ibrahim and Gerakan's Andy Yong fail to pull in the crowd.

Arab investors fleeing? Prove it, says Johari

'Saudi Aramco's withdrawal from a joint project with Petronas is not a sign of shaky investor confidence.'

Kuota, diskaun rumah bukan sebahagian ‘kedudukan istimewa’ Bumiputera

Ideas berkata takrifan Perkara 153 diputar belit pihak tertentu bagi mengekalkan beberapa amalan mengutamakan kaum Melayu dalam pendidikan dan ekonomi.