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4 foreigners held for causing baby’s death in Sabah

The single mother had allowed the four to stay at her home in Semporna as they were her friends.

Image of New Zealand MP goes viral after bottle-feeding baby in...

Trevor Mallard tweets later that a ‘VIP’ joined him on the speaker’s chair.

12-month-old dies after alleged abuse by babysitter, husband

The duo and the infant's mother are now being investigated for murder.

Heart-wrenching story of abandoned baby triggers flood of adoption offers

Mother leaves baby at doorsteps of a house in Kota Belud with a note begging for help to care for him as she is unfit to do so.

US infant boy cut out of mother’s womb dies at hospital

A baby cut out of his murdered teenage mother's womb dies at a Chicago hospital of severe brain injury nearly two months after the attack, the family said in a statement.

Sharing childcare responsibilities with your partner

Sharing the responsibilities of childcare not only prevents unnecessary stress and tension between couples but also ensures quality time with the family.

It’s a boy! Kardashian, West welcome fourth child

The couple has yet to announce the new baby's name.

Baby dies in ‘medical emergency’ on AirAsia flight

The two-month-old baby died en route from Kuala Lumpur to Perth.

18-month-old under babysitter’s care dies

Babysitter tells mother the child had a fall while climbing a window.

A woman’s age and pregnancy history could affect her risk of...

Experiencing a previous miscarriage also increased the risk of experiencing another.

Experts call for halt to gene editing that results in ‘designer...

The global moratorium would be in place until nations can devise international principles to guide how the technology should be used.

My baby has chickenpox. How do I manage the itchiness?

Managing the itchiness is vital as scratching the rash may lead to secondary bacterial infection and scarring. Read on for what you can do…

Dead newborn baby found in trash bin, couple, girl’s father arrested

The girl, 17, said to have given birth to the baby on Wednesday in Putrajaya, has been remanded for four days.

Razak Baginda wanted a baby with Altantuya, says witness

Altantuya Shaariibbuu's cousin, Namiraa Gerelmaa, says Altantuya told her that Razak Baginda wanted a son as he already had one daughter who was grown up.

Rescuers pull baby alive from Russian block after gas blast

The mother of the boy named as Vanya, short for Ivan, also survived the blast.

What are the ethics of baby gene-editing?

Should everything that becomes technically possible be carried out? For most ethicists the answer is no -- but the tricky part is whether it can be prevented.

Prince Harry and Meghan move to Windsor Estate ahead of first...

Their new home to the west of London in Berkshire has formed part of a royal family residence since the 18th century.

Time to regulate childcare centres, babysitters, says lawyer

Ajeet Kaur says there should be a formal screening process of all individuals who have access to children at daycare centres, following the death of an 11-month-old baby after suspected rape.

Social media users vent fury over infant’s cruel death

Some have even asked Putrajaya to rethink proposals to abolish the death sentence.

Anti-death penalty advocate says it can be retained if it involves...

Bukit Gelugor MP says capital punishment should be imposed in 'exceptional' cases following deaths of two abused children.

‘Miracle’ as New Zealand baby rescued from sea

Gus Hutt was preparing for an early morning fish when he saw what appeared to be a doll bobbing past him in a rip current at Matata Beach in the North Island's Bay of Plenty.

Can you afford to have a baby?

Having a baby can take a chunk out of your income, so start saving before you decide to get pregnant.

Delaying fatherhood can impact children’s health at birth, finds study

The study found that as the age of the father increased, so did the risk of the infant being born prematurely, having a low birth weight, and requiring healthcare support after delivery.

Ideal timing between pregnancies is at least one year: study

For women over 35, the risk of maternal complications was highest for pregnancies that began three, six or nine months following a prior birth.