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Engineer turned baker is queen of sourdough bread

Leaving behind her engineering career to care for her children, Chuah Chiew See has turned her hobby of baking into a fulfilling pastime.

Let them eat cake!

In a fascinating showcase of the Malaysian baking industry, beautiful cakes take centerstage during the Eat Cake Today Cake Show 2019.

Kim Haus is Penang’s happening lifestyle hub

A boutique hotel, bakery, gold museum and live music cafe rolled into one in Penang

Dr M-linked bakery Loaf back with new owner

Ekovest Group Bhd plans to open 10 outlets by the end of the year, with four revived so far in Langkawi, Pavilion, Sunway Pyramid and NuSentral.

Mother and child die in French fire following bakery blast

The fire comes days after 10 people were killed in a blaze at a Paris apartment building and a month after a massive gas explosion in the centre of the capital.

Christian UK bakery wins landmark ‘gay cake’ case

The British Supreme Court's ruling justification is different from its US counterpart that cleared a Colorado baker of discrimination in June, which found that the civil rights group suing the baker showed animus by targeting him based on his religious beliefs.

The best Apple Strudel’s not in Perth but Klang

The Fruity Cake and Bakery may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it sure does serve a mean Apple Strudel.

This rat forced Tesco to close for 3 days

Facebook user alerts authorities and hypermarket locks down store for massive clean-up.

Najib slams Mahathir for ‘U-turns’ on bakery

The prime minister says Dr Mahathir Mohamad changed his statements on The Loaf four times.

Dr M: Selling off The Loaf could have rolled in election...

But the PPBM chairman says he could not find a buyer for his bakery business.

Bread shop is not mine, says Dr M

Mahathir last night denied owning a stake in The Loaf which closed after 12 years in business.

Bakery’s refusal to write ‘Merry Xmas’ ignites debate

Many social media users condemn Makassar-based Chocolicious Indonesia as ‘racist’, ‘fanatics’ and ‘unfit to live in Indonesia’, the Jakarta Post reported.

Finland baker launches bread made from crushed crickets

Fazer has become the first company in the world to sell bread infused with insects.

It’s curtains down for South Korean bakery Tous Les Jours

No explanation has been given for its sudden decision to close shop.

Jom intai menu makanan unik di Tedboy Bakery

Sandwic ayam avakado, kroisan tuna mangga, burger ayam mini dengan roti hitam antara pilihan makanan Tea Set di Tedboy Bakery, Jaya One.