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Asia’s beaches go quiet as Chinese tourists stay home

The decline of Chinese travellers has become a painful lesson for Thailand and Indonesia which are overly dependent on visitors from China.

Australian busted in Bali over drunken rampage

Nicholas Carr’s drunken rampage was caught on video and went viral on the internet.

Manjakan diri pada masa sama rawatan buat wanita

Rawatan di spa secara tidak langsung membantu meringankan badan, memulihkan perjalanan darah, melancarkan haid, menaikkan seri dan menyerlahkan kecantikan semula jadi.

Undersea quake strikes south of Bali

There is no tsunami warning from the Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

Bali Utd first Southeast Asian club to list on stock market

The listing puts the team among top clubs Manchester United, Juventus and Borussia Dortmund which have also previously offered their shares.

Australian DJ dies in Bali in bid to help friend

Based in Singapore, Adam Sky was ranked Asia's third most popular DJ last year.

Plans to develop 2002 Bali bombing site halted

'The construction plan has been temporarily halted, next week we will facilitate a meeting between the owner and representatives of Bali Peace Park Association,' Made Badra says.

Sate Lilit by BumbuBali: Too good to put down

Made up of blended chicken, prawns and fish mixed with a pre-bought satay spice mix, these are truly delicious when grilled right.

Traditional Balinese mud bath draws the crowds

The mud bath, known locally as Mebuug-buugan, is believed to purify and remove bad luck and negative energy.

Bali shuts down for ‘Day of Silence’

Known locally as Nyepi, Hindus on the island are expected to stay at home for 24 hours and self-reflect.

Indonesia to release suspected Bali bomb mastermind from prison

Bashir was convicted in 2010 under anti-terrorism laws for links to militant training camps in Aceh province and jailed for 15 years.

Starbucks ‘sanctuary’ in Bali features working coffee farm and greenhouse

The Coffee Sanctuary marks the 10th Starbucks Reserve Bar in Indonesia, and is one of 185 stores around the world.

Gunung Agung di Bali meletus, abu timpa kampung berdekatan

Gunung Agung meletus selama kira-kira 3 minit, memuntahkan abu yang menimpa kampung-kampung berdekatan.

Bali’s Agung volcano spews ash in fresh eruption

On Sunday morning, the volcano sent ash skywards as it erupted for about three minutes.

Muslim preacher defies conservatism to preach in Indonesia nightclubs

Conservative groups say his preaching in clubs and red light districts is an insult to the Muslim religion.

Indonesia says clarity on Fed hikes was key Bali meeting outcome

Indonesia has been one of the hardest hit economies in Asia in the global emerging-market sell-off.

Indonesian police crack Instagram baby trafficking racket

A midwife and the potential buyer were also arrested when police intercepted the sale last week in Surabaya city.

3 killed as strong quake rocks Indonesia’s Java, Bali

A string of earthquakes in Lombok in eastern Indonesia killed more than 550 people over the summer.

Indonesian islanders fight developer with snorkels and homestays

From Thailand to the Philippines, authorities have come under fire for allowing unchecked sprawl on islands and denying coastal communities their 'right to island'.

Guardians of the global economy descend on Bali divided

The political obstacles might prove particularly daunting when it comes to the Fed activating emergency swap lines to provide other central banks with dollars to dole out in a crisis.

Ulama ajak pengunjung kelab malam di Bali berselawat

Ulama yang dikenali sebagai Gus Miftah mengalunkan selawat di atas pentas di sebuah kelab malam, manakala pengunjung berpakaian seksi mengikutinya dari bawah.

Tourist exodus from Lombok as quake toll hits 105

Some 4,600 tourists have been evacuated from the Gili Islands that lie off the northwest coast of Lombok and are popular with backpackers and divers.

Mat Sabu teruja, tidak sabar naik ‘Equanimity’

Beliau tidak menolak kemungkinan merasai pengalaman menaiki kapal dianggarkan bernilai AS$250 juta, yang ditahan di Bali, Indonesia awal tahun ini.

Powerful quake rocks Indonesia’s Lombok, Bali islands

The quake comes a week after a magnitude 6.4 quake killed 14 people on the island and prompted a large-scale evacuation of a volcano popular with hikers.