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2 workers crushed to death by boxes of kurma

The incident occured while workers were removing the boxes at a warehouse in Bukit Mertajam.

2 human traffickers detained with 11 Bangladeshis

The victims were being ferried to a construction site in Banting.

Nearly 200 Bangladeshis planning to enter Malaysia held in Medan

Authorities say the men, mostly in their 20s, complained about the lack of food.

Consul to ensure remains of Bangladeshi landslide victims repatriated

Shaik Ismail Allaudin says there is pressure from the families for the remains to be sent back.

Landslide: 9th body found near last container

The body of Mohamad Uzzal, a 33-year old Bangladeshi man, was found at 5pm.

Businessman fined RM2,000 for punching Bangladeshi mechanic

The offence was committed at a car service centre in Taman Maluri, Cheras, on Oct 9.

Bangladeshi with 14 passports jailed, fined RM30,000

He also pleads guilty to charges of violating his social visit pass and for attempting to forge either a visa, permit or pass under the Immigration Act.

Body parts in suitcases: Cops identify victim as Bangladeshi

Cops looking for her husband believed to be working in Johor.

Najib slams opposition for remarks on Telugu banner

This comes after a Facebook posting showing a picture of a banner and caption claiming that it was printed in Urdu.

‘Exploitation of Bangladeshis akin to human trafficking’

Tenaganita claims many Bangladeshi migrant workers are working overtime without wages, proper meals or medical benefits.

Immigration warns illegals who run homestay businesses

Director-General Mustafar Ali says department is working with other authorities to take action on illegal foreign workers and employers who hire them in lodging businesses.

Passenger profiling already SOP, says ex-aviation security man

He says however that it is difficult to prevent those who get drunk onboard or passengers who are mentally or emotionally unstable from boarding the plane.

Passport, document forgery syndicate raking in millions crippled

The head, a Bangladeshi, had been forging passports and documents of several countries since entering Malaysia in 2005.

Naked Malindo passenger has mental illness, say Dhaka cops

Bangladesh police have handed over the 20-year-old man to his father who showed them proof of the mental illness.

Naked man causes stir on Malindo flight

The Bangladeshi passenger removed his clothes and attacked a stewardess during the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Dhaka.

Police identify 3 Bangladeshi syndicates involved in smuggling labourers

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Noor Rashid Ibrahim says police have been investigating the smuggling of Bangladeshis into Malaysia via KLIA for the past year, and have arrested several suspects.

Migrant husband burns wife for wearing short-sleeved blouse

At Tenaganita event to curb gender-based violence, Bangladeshi woman recounts horrific abuses committed by husband.

Sheriff: Unionise foreign workers to improve labour situation

Former treasury secretary-general says allowing foreign workers to join unions will lead to increase in wages and reduce the need to source labour from overseas.

Bangladeshi dies after being stabbed in quarrel over electrical socket

Another Bangladeshi, who was the victim’s housemate, is being investigated for murder.

2 foreigners held for posing as cops to commit robbery

Police seize a police vest, stolen Honda City car and fake police authority card.

Singaporean dream sours for some Bangladeshi workers

For the workers, it is a brutal system that can leave them in huge debt and regretting they ever made the move to Singapore.

Bangladeshi man killed, dismembered

Police find body parts in three sacks inside house victim shared with two other Bangladeshis after woman makes report on missing boyfriend.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai at Ramadan Bazaar

A random encounter at a Ramadan bazaar gets Fa thinking about how welcoming (or not) Malaysians tend to be to foreigners in our land.

Nepali’s death from Putrajaya building: Suicide not ruled out

The Nepali fell on a Bangladeshi worker who was inside a gondola at the new MACC building under construction in Putrajaya.