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Tag: Bangsamoro

Peace in Bangsamoro region achievable but Sulu remains volatile, says expert

Ishak Mastura says any disturbance in the Sulu archipelago will have a direct impact on Sabah’s security.

Ex-guerillas govern Bangsamoro under Malaysia-brokered peace deal

Under the agreement, the rebels have abandoned their goal for a separate state in lieu of broader autonomy.

Rebels named leaders of Philippine Muslim territory

President Rodrigo Duterte personally swears in Murad Ebrahim as interim chief minister at a symbolic Manila ceremony. 

No freedom in sight for 2 Malaysians held at Gitmo for...

Inspector-General of Police Fuzi Harun says the United States has not responded to a request to free Mohd Farik Amin and Mohammed Nazir Lep.

Perkembangan positif di Mindanao baik untuk Sabah, kata Anifah

Bekas menteri luar, Anifah Aman berkata, Malaysia mengepalai rundingan damai sebagai fasilitator pihak ketiga di selatan Filipina sejak 2001.

Muslim self-rule backed in Philippines’ troubled south

Voters delivered a convincing result of about 1.7 million in favour and some 254,600 against.

Govt hopes Bangsamoro Autonomous Region will curtail kidnappings

Deputy Defence Minister Liew Chin Tong says Monday's referendum in the southern Philippines offers an opportunity for a better situation.

Malaysia welcomes enactment of Bangsamoro organic law

Wisma Putra says Malaysia remains committed to playing a constructive role as the third party facilitator in peace process.

More IS-linked Malaysians in central Maguindanao?

Malaysians may be involved in another armed conflict brewing in the southern Philippines.

Najib pledges full commitment to Bangsamoro peace

Malaysia will be 'honest broker' in renewed negotiations between Moro movement and Philippine government.

‘Decentralisation good for southern Philippines’

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's push for decentralisation will give conflict-plagued Mindanao more autonomy and halt radicalisation.