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Najib affirmed signatures on seized banking documents his, court told

The former prime minister did not deny the signatures were forged, MACC investigating officer testifies in corruption and CBT trial.

Selangor cops detain Macau scam mastermind

The Taiwanese man was detained during one of his monthly visits.

Return to fight your legal battle, lawyer tells Jho Low

Muhammad Rafique Rashid Ali says the fugitive financier should not 'throw stones' at Dr Mahathir Mohamad's administration and cast aspersions on the judiciary.

Why the taxman couldn’t refund RM486 mil last year

Inland Revenue says taxpayers had failed to update personal infomation regarding their bank accounts.

US hands bank accounts to Venezuela’s Guaido

Venezuela, which is struggling to provide basic services, has some US$8 billion in foreign reserves around the world.

Putrajaya appoints lawyers to recover billions from Singapore banks

The money linked to 1MDB is sitting in bank accounts belonging to 53 individuals, including businessman Jho Low.

MACC did freeze Najib’s grandson’s account, says Umno man

Umno Supreme Council member Lokman Noor Adam claims the account of Najib Razak's 10-month-old grandson was one of the three accounts under Nooryana Najwa's name.

After ‘mafia unravelled’, expect painstaking probe of 900 bank accounts, lawyer...

Azhar Harun warns of a 'long struggle' by investigation agencies before culprits can be punished.

Freeze on Umno accounts: We need to know source of money,...

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says if the money came from 1MDB, then it needs to be returned.

Muhyiddin: MACC has right to freeze Umno accounts

Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin says MACC would have taken action based on its findings.

Peruvian prosecutors seize ex-president’s properties, bank accounts

Ollanta Humala was also given until the end of the day to vacate his residence in Lima.

Communist running for Kremlin risks removal over Swiss bank accounts

At the end of 2017, Pavel Grudinin had 13 accounts containing US$1 million, including 4.9 kilogrammes of gold.

44 who allowed bank accounts to be used for scams nabbed

The losses attributed to these 'money mules' is estimated to be RM17 million.

Rafizi, ex-bank clerk jailed 30 months over NFC bank accounts leak

Rafizi Ramli and former bank clerk Johari Mohamad were found guilty by the Sessions Court under the Banking and Financial Institution Act for revealing bank accounts relating to the National Feedlot Corporation’s subsidiary companies and chairman.

Another RM180m ‘unclaimed’ in 4 months, Dewan Rakyat told

Deputy finance minister says unclaimed money now stands at RM5.96 billion as at Oct 31, as govt promises to launch online checking facility by next June.

Najib: Zaid has no legal standing to obtain details of my...

The prime minister, in applying to revoke the former law minister's discovery application, says banking laws prevent Zaid from getting the details.

Portal set up to detect online scam on bank accounts

Police say public can use the portal to check whether certain bank accounts are those reported to be involved in online scams.

Najib made a party in Zaid’s suit against AmBank

The High Court allows Najib to intervene in Zaid Ibrahim's suit to compel AmBank to disclose details of Prime Minister's bank accounts.

Anwar wants Najib, Shafee to reveal their bank accounts

The former opposition leader has filed an application for the court to compel both to provide details of their bank transactions during two specific periods, following reports of a RM9.5 million money transfer.

MACC seizes 127 land grants worth RM30m in Sabah

MACC has also received information on several bank accounts in three different countries amounting to RM30 million.

Cops freeze bank account raising funds for Islamic State

Money collected in a local account belongs to family member of a Malaysian who is known to be part of militant group in Syria.

Mahathir: Crimes can’t be covered under OSA

Former prime minister wants Attorney-General Mohd Apandi Ali to regain his credibility by explaining the intention of Parliament in framing the Official Secrets Act.

S’pore probes banker for Jho Low, 1MDB

Yak Yew Chee from Swiss bank BSI Singapore is the first name to emerge in the investigation by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

S’pore cracks down on money laundering

Monetary Authority of Singapore and Commercial Affairs Department have seized a large number of bank accounts.