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Climate change activists vow ‘day of disruption’ at London’s Bank junction

Extinction Rebellion target financial district to protest starvation and social collapse.

Next Bank of England chief must be independent and ‘first class’,...

A new BoE governor will be chosen by Britain's finance minister, Sajid Javid as current governor Mark Carney is due to step down in early 2020.

London launches search for new Bank of England boss

The Treasury said it will employ a specialist head hunter to find Mark Carney's successor.

BoE warns on further Brexit ‘cliff-edge uncertainties’

The central bank says doubts over Britain's exact departure date from the European Union were already weighing on 'short-term economic activity, notably business investment'.

Bank of England warns of Europe-wide finance risks on Brexit

Brussels and London are furiously trying to steer away from a dreaded 'no-deal' divorce that could wreak havoc on global markets.

Bank of England sees weakest outlook for UK since 2009 on...

The central bank lowers its 2019 economic growth forecast to 1.2% from its previous estimate of 1.7% made in November.

Gold out, beers in? Lawmaker gives Bank of England money-saving tips

The Public Accounts Committee criticises the Bank of England for having more than 800 empty desks at its Threadneedle Street home.

Bank of England set to hold interest rates amid Brexit chaos

All but one of 60 economists in a Bloomberg survey predict the Monetary Policy Committee will maintain the benchmark at 0.75% when the decision of its nine members is announced Thursday.

You wanted it, you got it: Carney defends BoE Brexit report

The BoE said Britain could suffer greater damage to its economy than during the global financial crisis under a worst-case exit from the EU.

Pound’s Brexit swing threatens to rip up BOE’s inflation outlook

The pound’s inevitable sharp move on the final Brexit outcome will have big implications for Bank of England policy.

UK automation picks up as flow of European workers slows ahead...

BoE Governor Mark Carney said last month that one in 10 British jobs was at risk over the long term from automation, including artificial intelligence and robotics.

BOE to future-proof 50-pound note by making it out of plastic

The new note will be Britain’s last denomination to make the shift from paper to plastic.

BoE takes action to steer lenders through ‘no-deal’ Brexit

The BoE on Tuesday urged the European Union to do more to protect cross-border financial services from the risks of a "cliff-edge Brexit" in its most stark warning on market stability to date.

BoE to keep rates steady after August rise

BoE raised interest rates in August because it believed the economy was running close to full capacity, which risks causing inflation to continue overshooting its 2% target even once the effect of sterling weakness has faded.

Pound optimism ebbs as Brexit gloom overwhelms BoE hike prospect

With just weeks before a Brexit deal is in place, the pound fell 0.7% against the dollar this month due to concerns that negotiations would fail.

The Bank of England is on course for an August rate...

Investors are currently pricing in about an 80% probability of a rate hike on Aug. 2. Asked last week whether the BOE would have enough information to make a decision next month, Carney said: “the short answer is yes.”

UK lawmakers ask BOE, Treasury for assessment of Brexit deal

The Treasury Committee has sent letters to the heads of the groups and the Financial Conduct Authority requesting an analysis of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and future framework, once it has been negotiated.

Shortage of women at BOE may lead lawmakers to reject future...

That means the Treasury Committee could decide not to approve an appointment to any of the BOE’s policy boards if it felt insufficient effort had been made to find a more diverse candidate.

Bank of England under fire for ‘Unconscionable’ expenses

The questions from Clarke related to travel expenses submitted by external Financial Policy Committee members Anil Kashyap and Donald Kohn totalling 390,000 pounds over the past 2 1/2 years.

Bank of England keeps rate unchanged as Haldane supports hike

The Monetary Policy Committee held bank rate at 0.5%, as predicted by all 61 economists in a Bloomberg survey.

Pound falls to seven-month low before Bank of England meeting

The meeting is likely to indicate if interest rates will be raised this year.

Bank of England says cryptocurrencies are failing as money

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said cryptocurrencies needed to be regulated in a similar way to other parts of the financial system, and stressed they could not effectively replace traditional currencies.

Veggie bank notes? Bank of England sticks with animal-fat cash

Some Hindu temples and vegetarian cafes refused to accept the new five pound note which features World War Two leader Winston Churchill.

New British bank notes fall foul of vegetarians

Bank of England confirms chemical containing animal fat used in production of new currency, saying substance also commonly used in candles and soap.