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Azalina: Bankruptcy law changes to reduce debtors’ burden

Putrajaya wants to enforce automatic discharge after three years and raise threshold for declaring a person bankrupt from RM30,000 to RM50,000.

Najib dismisses ‘bankrupt’, ‘failed state’ accusations

Prime Minister Najib Razak takes time off during Budget 2017 speech to brush off allegations made by opposition leaders and their supporters that country will go bankrupt and will become a failed state.

Watson Nyambek back on track, with new home

Former national 100-metres record holder presented with house by Sarawak government, seven months after being declared bankrupt.

Gerakan man issues RM5m challenge to ‘Superman’ Hew

Gerakan sec-gen tells the former DAP firebrand to donate RM5 million to charity if the country does not go bust by 2020, like the latter claimed.

Azalina: Govt to ease burden of guarantors in bad debt cases

Minister cites cases of guarantors becoming bankrupt due to loans unpaid by friends, family, as reason for amending Bankruptcy Act

Most bankruptcy cases due to personal loans, hire purchase

Despite public perception, statistics show that the credit card application approval rate is only between 50-60%, and not 80%.

Probe into why PKR man didn’t contest Bukit Sari

Bukit Sari PKR candidate Jamal Ibrahim did not turn up at the nomination centre, resulting in BN winning the seat uncontested.