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NUBE slams Bank Negara for allowing banks to charge extra for...

The bankers' union says the central bank is allowing practices that do not favour consumers.

Bank job cuts, mostly in Europe, touching 60,000

Figures underscore weakness of continent’s financial industry.

Greece offers banks US$10 bil to cut debt

The European Commission would decide on the debt recovery program.

N.Korea denies it amassed US$2 bil through cyberattacks on banks

North Korea accuses the US of spreading rumours about them amassing a large sum of money through cyberattacks.

Sweden to introduce bank tax to fund defence spending

Sweden has been strengthening its armed forces and is concerned about increasing tensions with Russia in the Baltic region.

Alibaba Cloud to help banks upgrade services with big data

As a first step, it signs MoU with Bank Muamalat Berhad to enable better access and financial services.

Court ruling shows banks promote staff to erode union power, says...

The banking union’s lawyer says the landmark ruling by the Federal Court applies to all sectors and employees' right to unionise.

Japan targets comeback abroad with Southeast Asia foray

One of Japan’s biggest regional banks is resuming an expansion overseas, 20 years after the country’s financial crisis forced it to retreat.

Hong Kong protests, Beijing’s tightening grip rattle business community

A series of large-scale protests which have rocked Hong Kong's legislature leaves their business community worrying over the impact on the city's financial hub status.

Best to leave banks alone

Any tampering with the self-correcting mechanism underpinning free market economies comes with inherent medium- to long-term risks.

Strict loan criteria to blame for low homeownership, says deputy minister

Raja Kamarul Bahrin says banks are 'not being flexible' when it comes to approving loans.

One of Asia’s top bank stocks fears risky lending in Thailand

The competition in retail lending is unreasonable and risky with firms offering zero down-payment and low-rate loans.

Why the Overnight Policy Rate affects Malaysians’ pockets

How does a change in the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) affect your financial standing?

Give more loans to small businesses, Guan Eng urges banks

Lending active businesses key in negating effects of US-China trade war, says finance minister.

Forgers are forcing a US$9 trln business into digital age

Forgers have become so adept at faking documents used by banks that going paperless has become a necessity for the industry.

IDEAS says windfall tax bad, but an economist disagrees

Think tank says Putrajaya should minimise compliance costs if it wants to encourage banks to lend more to the private sector while Ramon Navaratnam says windfall tax means better income distribution.

Uber adds several banks to IPO underwriters lineup

Uber’s public offering could be one of the five largest of all time in the US and is expected to be the biggest listing this year.

Saudi stocks advance most in mideast as banks recover

Stocks in Saudi Arabia climbed the highest, boosted by banking shares amid plans by the govt to not increase an Islamic levy on local lenders.

US sanctions against Venezuela scaring off banks

Bankers say they are shying away from doing even a legitimate business with the crisis-wracked oil-producing country.

As appetite for Asia improves, cautious investors leave banks till last

Although positive signs from the US-China trade talks have encouraged investment in several Asian sectors, investors are still reluctant to pour money into banks.

Credit cards, car loans why house loans denied, says expert

See Kok Loong says many people already have a lot of financial commitments.

Banks should give priority to potential B40 home buyers

Minister advises banks to consider an applicant's income from part-time jobs when considering whether to give the individual a housing loan.

Reducing humans in finance will cut risks

The CEO of Nordea Bank makes a bold statement where roughly in a decade, many people won't be needed in finance, and that's a good thing.

Egyptian bank EFG-Hermes weighs Southeast Asian acquisition

CEO Karim Awad said the investment won’t be 'too big' and would involve 'building market share from the ground up.'