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Tag: Banksy

Banksy’s home city an urban canvas for elusive artist

Despite years in the international spotlight, remarkably little is known about Banksy.

A Banksy rat? Tokyo city displays work by famous artist

A rat holding an umbrella is one of Banksy's most famous artworks.

Self-shredding Banksy painting goes on display in Germany

The museum will not charge the public to see the painting.

Banksy homage to Bataclan stolen from Paris theatre

Some of Banksy's works in Paris were vandalised soon after they were put up, while others were protected by screens.

Banksy gifts Welsh steel town a white Christmas attraction

The subversive artist confirmed on Instagram that the "Season's Greetings" mural on a breeze block garage wall was genuine.

Banksy admits shredding stunt didn’t go as planned

The secretive artist admitted on a video posted on his Instagram account this week that the real answer; the painting got stuck.

Shredded Banksy painting worth more than original, say experts

Some have even suggested that it was Banksy himself who successfully bid for his own painting at auction -- with the final buyer known to be on the telephone.

Banksy shocks art world by shredding £1 million work at auction

Banksy posted his own photo from midway through the shredding on his Instagram page early Saturday, showing onlookers aghast at the stunt.

Mural in Spanish town not by Banksy, says official website

A mural sporting Banksy's alleged signature in a declining town in Spain that had caused a sensation is not by the legendary street artist.

Banksy needles France on migrants with Paris mural blitz

Banksy's latest art spotlights his view on France's stance towards migrants.

Banksy mural destroyed by building work

The local council said the owner had confirmed the mural was damaged during urgent works on the end-of-terrace home, which was given protected status after the mural appeared overnight in April 2014.

Malaysian punk artist clowns with scandal-hit leader

Shared widely on social media, they have sparked copycat variations and struck a chord with Malaysians outraged by corruption allegations levelled at Najib and his moves to thwart investigations.