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After pullout of lawyer from Adib inquest, Bar tells members to...

Malaysian Bar president Abdul Fareed Abdul Gafoor says all lawyers must examine if their professional conduct would be questioned if they took on a case.

IPCMC should have disciplinary powers, says Bar Council

It says this should include the power to issue warnings, reduce ranks, and suspend or sack errant cops.

IPCMC won’t curb IGP’s powers, says Bar Council man

In rebuttal to retired officers, M Ramachelvam says the current system of police discipline has failed the public.

Siti Kasim slams new Bar president for kicking out watching brief...

The lawyer-activist says she and other lawyers were kicked out from the watching brief group right after the recent Bar Council elections.

Lawyer-poet who started free legal aid service gets Bar Council’s highest...

From ‘5 cent’ lawyer to Nobel literature nominee, Cecil Rajendra talks about his early struggles in being a pro-bono lawyer to becoming a renowned poet.

Bar says it again: Set up RCI over judges’ misconduct

The need for an inquiry is greater than ever in light of the allegations by senior judge Hamid Sultan Abu Backer, says Bar Council president George Varughese.

Make us interested party to assist in Adib’s death, Bar Council...

Lawyer Cyrus Tiu Foo Woei says the council existed to protect and assist the public in all matters relating to the law.

Bar proposes e-voting to raise turnout for council election

A higher percentage will give legitimacy to those elected to manage the Bar Council, says president George Varughese.

Videos on phones not enough to show one is a terrorist,...

Thorough probes should be done to prove someone is a terrorist, not merely by looking at their Whatsapp messages and materials stored on their phones.

Deliver apex court judgments speedily, urge ex-judge, Bar

Former Federal Court judge Gopal Sri Ram is also suggesting that the law be amended to allow litigants the option to have a rehearing or accept decisions from a reduced panel of judges.

Bar Council told to act against Shafee for receiving RM9.5 million

Ex-Bar president Zainur Zakaria says a criminal investigation should be held along with a probe into professional misconduct.

Penang law firm cheated us of RM2 mil, claims group of...

The money was entrusted to the legal firm for purchase of properties.

Bar: We’re already working on revamping Legal Profession Act

Its president George Varughese welcomes call by AG Tommy Thomas to 'quickly' draft a new bill to replace the act.

Stand-alone law ministry, commission will help push reforms, says Bar

It says a full-fledged law ministry will function autonomously and be dedicated to the development of the legal sector.

Praise for Jakim’s promise to be more tolerant

However, it has been reminded not to forget the 'many outstanding issues'.

Speaker post: Call to consider ex-judges, lawyers too

Fortify Rights legal director Eric Paulsen says restricting the candidates to MPs will reduce the field for the PH government to choose from.

Don’t blame enforcers for enforcing the law, says Mustafar

Immigration chief says that Malaysia still needs migrant workers, but employers must follow the law when taking on workers.

Bar Council: Stop the crackdown on migrant workers

The Bar Council says many migrant workers are undocumented because they have no avenue to independently legalise their status.

MP: Why is Najib hiring US lawyers when local ones just...

RSN Rayer calls on Malaysian Bar to carefully vet the application by Najib Razak for foreign lawyers to represent him as it may be a delaying tactic.

Top judges quit, but legal challenge remains

A Federal Court decision will be sought on how the Chief Justice and Court of Appeal president were appointed, even though both judges will step down on July 31.

AG promises to recuse himself to avoid conflict of interest, says...

Tommy Thomas has told the Malaysian Bar Council he would not participate in cases involving people he might have known when he was in private practice.

AG wants single body to offer legal aid, says Bar chief

This is to ensure better access to justice for the poor and needy in criminal and civil cases.

‘Don’t wait 100 days, start criticising now’

Malaysians should speak up now instead of waiting for 100 days, forum told.

Feel free to criticise, says new AG Tommy

Tommy Thomas says criticism is part and parcel of free speech, and that he would rather listen to criticism than praise.