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Tag: Bar Council

AG promises to recuse himself to avoid conflict of interest, says...

Tommy Thomas has told the Malaysian Bar Council he would not participate in cases involving people he might have known when he was in private practice.

AG wants single body to offer legal aid, says Bar chief

This is to ensure better access to justice for the poor and needy in criminal and civil cases.

‘Don’t wait 100 days, start criticising now’

Malaysians should speak up now instead of waiting for 100 days, forum told.

Feel free to criticise, says new AG Tommy

Tommy Thomas says criticism is part and parcel of free speech, and that he would rather listen to criticism than praise.

Rayer: Bar Council must probe lawyer accused of threatening DPP

The Jelutong MP says the council must severely reprimand the lawyer if the allegations are true.

Ex-lawyer VK Lingam fails in bid to return to legal practice

He was implicated in a judges fixing scandal in 2007 and barred from legal practice after the Bar Council's disciplinary board found him guilty of misconduct.

Muslim lawyers body hits out at Bar for proposing Ambiga as...

The Muslim Lawyers Association president says such a move may give the impression that Ambiga Sreenevasan would be beholden to the Malaysian Bar.

Bar calls for Mahathir to be sworn-in fast

Any delay will lead to unnecessary rumours and speculation which thenation could ill afford, says George Varughese.

1,800 auctioneers left out of e-Lelong

Their future looks bleak with new amendments to the 2012 Rules of Court which leave them out of the online system of conducting property auctions.

Apandi confirms three more years as AG

Under constant pressure to go, Attorney-General who cleared Najib of wrongdoing says his service has been extended until 2021.

Lawyers want Raus, Zulkefli’s judicial functions ceased pending ruling

Chief Justice and Court of Appeal president should at the least not share same bench as 7 judges deciding their fate, say lawyers.

Why stop at alcohol ban at Bar events?

How about a ban on revealing clothes and smoking, too?

Bar warns of effect in validating CJ, CoA president appointments

Bar lawyer Ambiga Sreenevasan tells apex court that appointments will affect independence of judiciary because it touches on security of tenure.

7 serving judges to decide if appointments of top 2 judges...

Justice Hasan Lah leads the bench after Bar fails in bid to have retired judges hear the challenge against the appointments of Chief Justice Raus Sharif and Court of Appeal president Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin.

Independence critical to institutions’ resilience, forum told

Former Bar Council chief Christopher Leong says Malaysia has strong institutions but lack of independence won't help country weather changes and difficult events.

Bar fails to overturn decision to clear lawyer over PI Bala...

Court of Appeal rules that complaint and evidence against Cecil Abraham was patchy and largely unsafe to find him guilty of professional misconduct.

Bar Council, Thai embassy set up scheme for Thai nationals in...

The scheme will provide free legal representation for Thai nationals in Malaysia.

Lawyer: Planned changes to legal profession act will cripple independence

Hakimi Abdul Jabar, in an opinion piece in Asia Times, says lawyers should fight the proposed amendments as these will not only undermine the independence of the legal profession but are against universal legal norms.

Time for far-reaching judicial reforms

The next government must come out with far-reaching proposals to reform the judiciary so that public confidence in the institution can be further strengthened and augmented.

Bar condemns ‘vicious attacks’ against Ambiga

Bar president George Varughese says harassment or intimidation amounts to contempt of the UK courts.

Lawyer: Raus, Zulkefli’s appointments can be heard in Federal Court

Bars representing lawyers in the peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak can request judges to refer cases straight to the apex court, says constitutional lawyer Bastian Pius Vendargon.

We can’t deny foreigners right to legal aid, says lawyer

Lawyer Ravi Nekoo says legal representation is a right, not privilege, from the time one is arrested right through to prosecution, whether he is a local or foreigner.

CJ as additional judge: A question of propriety

A former Malaysian Bar president says it doesn't make sense for a chief justice to serve as an additional Federal Court judge at the same time.

Bar, Zaid, Khairuddin lose case against AG ‘failing to prosecute’ Najib

Chief Justice Raus Sharif says attorney-general’s prosecutorial power cannot be questioned, and that it is not only good law but good policy, too.