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Tag: Bar Council

US lawyers ruled out of suits by MH370 families

Judge holds that Malaysian lawyers are up to the task of representing the families of passengers and can bring in foreign experts to testify on aviation law.

S’wak rep denies villagers at Bengoh Dam mistreated

He responds to Bar Council report that the affected villagers had not been given their monthly RM800 cost of living allowance for three years.

Lobby MPs against LPA amendments, lawyers urged

A muted Bar Council will be a loss to the judiciary and society, says former Bar president.

PH to team up with NGOs to protest redelineation

Pakatan Harapan's Saifuddin Abdullah claims the recent redelineation exercise benefits the ruling coalition.

Let Bar remain independent, urges Gerakan’s Baljit

Bar Council a barometer of feelings in the country and the government should tolerate constructive criticism from them, he says.

No, says Penang Bar to Legal Profession Act amendments

Questioning the motive and timing of the amendments, the Penang Bar asks if these have anything to do with the unwavering position of the Bar regarding accountability and transparency.

Kula hails Nazri’s backing of Bar Council independence

Government should not interfere through proposed amendments to Legal Profession Act

Bar: AG caught in ‘conflict of interest’ situation

It argues that the Attorney-General advises the Cabinet and at the same time made a “no prosecution” decision.

‘Bar can’t be limited to bread and butter issues’

Bar Council President Steven Thiru says it also has other objectives like giving views on laws, law reform and legal aid issues.

MH370: Relatives apply to engage US lawyers

They are seeking permission to engage Steven C Marks and Roy Kalman Altman to represent them in their negligence suit against MAS and four others.

Bersih 2.0 demands amendments to LPA be withdrawn

NGO says that it was greatly alarmed by the proposal to have two members of the Malaysian Bar Council appointed by the Federal Government.

Sodomy 2 cop’s bid to practise law delayed

The Court of Appeal found Jude Pereira did not comply with the High Court's order to attend eight hours of human rights classes.

The case for splitting up AG and Public Prosecutor

'Who does the Attorney-General represent if the government has committed the crime, says former law minister

Changes to Legal Profession Act threaten Bar independence

One of the amendments will see two members of the Bar appointed by the minister in charge of legal affairs to represent the government.

Bar Council ready to discuss motion on Shafee

The Bar Council members were stopped from discussing Shafee's conduct as a fiat prosecutor and lawyer after the Sodomy 2 conviction at last year's AGM as he obtained an injunction.

Lawyer Shafee fails in bid to sue Bar Council

High Court judge Justice Hanipah Farikullah dismissed the lawsuit on the grounds that Shafee had failed to prove his allegations on balance of probability.

Protests asking PM to quit not illegal, says Azmi Sharom

Lawyers and law experts slam usage of 124 B Penal Code amendments as being unconstitutional.

Bar Council appeals for clemency for Kho Jabing

Malaysian Bar Council hands in letter of appeal for clemency for death row inmate who is to be hanged after being found guilty of murder.

Bar Council not Opposition’s mouthpiece, says PKR MP

Surendran says just because the Bar criticises government policies, it does not make it the Opposition’s spokesperson.

BN man proposes AG as Bar Council president

Silam MP says Bar Council has diverted from the original objective of looking after the welfare of lawyers and must not get involved in politics.

‘Bar wrong to ask for AG’s removal at AGM’

Lawyer RSN Rayer calls on Bar to abort motion to seek AG Apandi Ali’s resignation at Saturday's AGM as he was appointed by the King.

Azalina: RM2.6b issue now sub judice

Minister says the government can no longer answer questions on the donation issue or SRC International following Bar Council’s judicial review against AG.

IGP irked by Bar Council’s silence over ‘self-defence’ case

Khalid Abu Bakar says human rights lawyers should issue a clarification about the murder committed by Mohamad Zulkifli in self-defence.

Bar slams IGP’s empty talk on lockup death

Promise of justice for welder Syed Mohd Azlan 'may be a mere platitude' says Steven Thiru