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Tag: basic structure

Sustain supremacy of constitution, urge legal eagles

Judiciary, as guardian of constitution, must strike down any new law that breaches the basic doctrine in supreme law, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Ex-Bar president ‘vindicated’ by Indira ruling

Param Cumaraswamy says judges rose to the occasion in accepting the basic structure doctrine which he along with others had struggled for 40 years ago.

Anwar’s legal challenge on National Security Council Act dismissed

Court of Appeal says the opposition leader should have gone straight to the Federal Court as he is challenging the competency of Parliament to pass the law.

Landmark ruling paves way to fully restore judicial power, says ex-judge

It is now open for any court in some other case to invalidate the 1988 amendment to Article 121 (1) of the Federal Constitution, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Federal Court: Parliament cannot curtail judiciary’s power

In a landmark decision, it reminds that judiciary acts as a bulwark of the constitution in ensuring that powers of the executive and legislature are kept within their intended limit.