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Waytha denies plans to move Orang Asli villagers

The minister says the subject was never brought up in the press or discussed at any Jakoa meeting.

Malnourished Orang Asli toddler dies of measles in Kg Kuala Koh

The boy was said to have weighed only half of what a child his age should.

9 more Orang Asli seek treatment, 4 still in ICU

A total of 108 are still being warded in hospitals or at the Orang Asli Health Homestay.

Time to honour our original people

Swift action is needed to improve the lives of Malaysia's indigenous people.

How can Kelantan govt be unaware of mining area in Kuala...

Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji says he personally visited the area and saw evidence of mining machines and equipment.

Don’t wait for more Orang Asli deaths before respecting their rights

For decades, the Orang Asli have been marginalised, their rights ignored by successive state governments.

Ramli Nor gesa tubuh jawatankuasa siasat punca musibah Orang Asli Gua...

Ahli Parlimen Cameron Highlands akan menuntut jawapan daripada para menteri apabila Dewan Rakyat bersidang pada Julai.

Police to search for jungle graves of 12 Orang Asli

Orang Asli chiefs will join 30 members of the General Operation Force and Gua Musang police in the seach.

Educate our kids about the Orang Asli, says anthropologist

Alberto Gomes says Malaysian children should be exposed to the culture and lifestyles of the indigenous community to eradicate the stigma held against them.