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Tag: Batu Caves

Auxiliary police unit to improve security at 3 well-known temples

This follows concerns over arrests of IS sympathisers planning terror attacks on places of worship.

Task force tells Batu Caves temple committee to quit

Group alleges mismanagement of temple assets, calls for fresh elections

3 held over Batu Caves firecracker incident

All 34 injured out of hospital, say cops.

34 injured by fire crackers in Batu Caves

Police say it is possible that the fire crackers had exceeded their expiry date, as they exploded on the road instead of in the air.

Malaysia’s ornate and colourful Hindu temples

The designs reflect those found in southern India, with the oldest most likely the Sri Poyyatha Vinayagamoorthy Temple in Melaka.

Famed Malaysian Hindu temple complex gets technicolour paint job

The Batu Caves steps have been painted in a kaleidoscope of bright colours ahead of a Hindu ritual that is conducted in temples every 12 years.

Cops to probe rally at Batu Caves

A commotion broke out at the rally which was held to express concerns over the temple's internal management problems.

Jangan lupakan saya, kata Azmin selepas beri RM100,000 kepada NGO

Menteri besar Selangor itu berkata, kerajaan negeri meluluskan peruntukan RM100,000 kepada Lembaga Kebajikan Perempuan Islam Malaysia yang hanya meminta dana RM50,000.

GE14: Analyst gives 3 reasons why Azmin may lose Gombak seat

Kamarul Zaman Yusoff of UUM says one of the main reasons is that the area is a PAS stronghold and PAS will go against the Selangor menteri besar in GE14.

Thanabalan minta bantuan carikan kereta hilang

Dalam satu lagi status terbaru, beliau akui keretanya masih belum dijumpai dan berita mengatakan ia sudah dijumpai adalah palsu.

Handicapped group denied favourite spot to do business at Batu Caves

Hindraf urges Selangor MB to urgently step in and prevent a clash with Selayang Municipal Council enforcement team.

PAS: Azmin not safe in Gombak, Mahathir more so

PAS research head Zuhdi Marzuki says he is unsure why Selangor MB Azmin Ali offered PH chairman to contest this seat which he will not be able to win.

Azmin offers his Gombak seat for Mahathir to contest

The parliamentary constituency is considered a PAS stronghold as two of the three state seats within its margins were last won by PAS by over 1,000 votes each.

Selayang volunteer school offers hope to Rohingya kids

The Pelangi Kasih school in Selayang provides more than free education for 150 plus children of ethnic Rohingya refugees.

Only those who volunteered carried pails up Batu Caves

Temple committee chairman R Nadarajah says volunteers have been carrying construction material up the 272 steps as part of a charitable cause since the end of last year.

Pengerusi kuil Batu Caves nafi paksa pengunjung angkat bahan binaan

Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kuil Sri Subramaniar Swamy Devasthanam di Batu Caves berkata, aktiviti mengangkat bahan binaan itu ialah kerja amal yang dilakukan secara sukarela sejak akhir tahun lepas.

MCA won’t get genuine patriotic display through force, says PKR’s MP

Making attendance at events compulsory calls into question how many of those present will be there because of patriotism, says William Leong.

MP: PH should clarify Anwar’s stand on PAS with PKR leadership

PKR’s Selayang MP William Leong says both PH and PKR should know where they stand rather than be disappointed on election day.

Thousands converge in temples to celebrate Thaipusam

Massive crowds descend on Batu Caves temple complex to participate in the festival, which commemorates the day when the goddess Parvathi gave her son Lord Murugan a powerful lance to fight evil demons.

Kepolisan moral tidak perlu semasa Thaipusam

Semua pihak perlu menghormati kod berpakaian di rumah ibadah, tetapi jangam ambil tindakan sendiri, kata wakil rakyat DAP, M Kulasegaran.

Batu Caves temple renovation gets the go-ahead from MPS

Selayang Municipal Council president attributes the earlier opposition to the works to 'miscommunication'.

It’s safe, temple says of Batu Caves renovations

N Sivakumar says the renovations are necessary to accommodate the growing number of visitors.

Estranged, but Ahmadiah in M’sia observe Ramadan, Syawal

The Ahmadiah teaching has been deemed as deviant, but its followers observe fasting during Ramadan and celebrate Syawal with gatherings.

Police shoot dead man suspected of shooting 2 brothers

Police believe the man had been living in his car and moving around to avoid detection after shooting two brothers in Batu Caves.