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Tag: Batu Kawan

3-island project will satisfy huge demand for land, says Chow

Chief minister also reveals that the state government has purchased more land in Batu Kawan, where a major international medical city is to open and IJN and a cancer institute are planning their branches.

Kasthuri Patto on the best Merdeka gift for children

The DAP MP calls for a moratorium on child marriage applications and the conferring of citizenship on stateless children and children who remain unadopted at foster homes.

Kasthuri Patto: Mums coming forward to demand accountable govt

The Batu Kawan DAP incumbent says presence of mothers at rallies, ceramahs and walkabouts show their desire for an end to corruption and abuse of power.

Let civil servants vote how they want, urges Kasthuri Patto

The Batu Kawan incumbent wants government to openly tell civil servants they have nothing to fear over how they vote.

JKKKs send protest letter against Batu Kawan MP

They claim MP is often in Parliament and she doesn't meet constituents.

6 Penang MCA divisions protest proposed Bayan Baru seat swap

State BN chairman calls for calm after six MCA divisions demand that Bayan Baru seat remain with MCA and not be exchanged for the Batu Kawan seat, usually contested by Gerakan.

This time we can take Penang, says confident Zahid

The deputy prime minister announces some RM6 million in allocations for Batu Kawan, to be distributed by BN parties in Penang.

DAP MP: What happened to law on parental neglect?

Kasthuri Patto says government must address issue of child abuse by parents, especially with two cases leading to the deaths of children this year.

IKEA targets early 2019 opening in Penang

New IKEA store in Batu Kawan to be largest in the region, says IKEA Southeast Asia managing director Christian Rojkjaer.

Penang goldsmiths to open RM50 million manufacturing hub

The gold and jewellery manufacturing hub in Batu Kawan will create 730 jobs in Penang by next year, chief minister reveals.

DAP MP wants varsity to reverse ‘guilty’ verdict on students

The Batu Kawan MP called on the people to stand in solidarity with the students "who have been victims of a paranoid, cowardly establishment".

Opposition: Pandikar is protecting ‘foul mouth’ Tajuddin

PKR, DAP lawmakers condemn continued sexist, offensive remarks directed at opposition by BN MPs with no reproach by Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin.

Resign, Hindu temple group tells LGE and Ramasamy

About 100 people protest against the handling of several temple issues by Deputy Chief Minister II Ramasamy.

Rungutan Adun PKR ibarat “budak merajuk tak dapat gula-gula”

Kalau tidak mahu menyokong kerajaan negeri pada masa yang diperlukan, kenapa mahukan jawatan dalam agensi Kerajaan Negeri yang mereka tidak sokong itu?