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Tag: Bayan Baru

‘Penyewa dari neraka’: Pemilik terpaksa daki sampah sarap

Rumah sewa seharusnya dijaga dengan baik dan pulangkan kepada tuan rumah juga dalam keadaan baik dan bukannya bersikap kejam dan pengotor sehingga menyusahkan banyak pihak.

Pengurus besar PDC kongsi cerita berkhidmat bawah 4 ketua menteri

Rosli Jaafar yang bersara hari ini berkongsi 29 tahun pengalamannya berkhidmat di Perbadanan Pembangunan Pulau Pinang.

Man arrested after stealing fan, slashing cops

Police nab 28-year-old who made off with a wall-mounted fan from a clinic and later attacked cops with a knife.

Delayed flood project puts contractor on the spot

Incoming Bayan Baru MP calls out poor workmanship, cost overruns, and residents' complaints not being answered.

‘Dr M and Anwar’ make surprise appearance at Penang market

Former foes 'shake hands' before the Friday lunch crowd to show they have buried the hatchet.

6 Penang MCA divisions protest proposed Bayan Baru seat swap

State BN chairman calls for calm after six MCA divisions demand that Bayan Baru seat remain with MCA and not be exchanged for the Batu Kawan seat, usually contested by Gerakan.

BN all out to plug Bayan Baru flood woes

Flood woes, affordable housing and 'clean' candidates are among some of the issues raised by BN, PH and PAS.

Ahli Parlimen PKR saran pengarah JSJ isytihar harta

Ahli Parlimen Bayan Baru, Sim Tze Tzin, berkata PKR akan membantu Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd menganalisis pengisytiharan hartanya bagi memulihkan nama baiknya.

CID chief should declare his assets, says PKR MP

Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tzin says PKR will help CID chief analyse his asset declaration to restore his good name.

PKR veep joins PAS leaders on stage at muktamar

PKR vice-president Shaharuddin Badaruddin's attendance comes amid strained ties between two former allies in defunct Pakatan Rakyat.

8 lagi PAS kawasan lulus usul putus hubungan dengan PKR

Ketua penerangan PAS Pulau Pinang berkata, PAS Kawasan Tanjung, Bagan dan Batu Kawan dijangka mengemukakan usul sama dalam mesyuarat agung mereka minggu depan.

PAS likely to go for a BN+1 pact, says Guan Eng

DAP leader says PAS must make a ‘clear-cut’ decision on who it wants to support, or risk losing voters’ confidence.

Move by two PAS divisions meaningless, says Penang PKR

PKR Youth deputy chief Dr Afif Bahardin says it is up to PAS' top leadership to decide on ties between the two parties, at its muktamar next month.

Now, Bayan Baru PAS splits with PKR too

PAS division chief says he decided to sever ties with former ally because Anwar Ibrahim did not defend him when he was sacked as municipal councillor 3 years ago.

PAS Bayan Baru usul putus dengan PKR, Malik terus jadi sasaran

Sekali lagi, Exco agama Pulau Pinang Abdul Malik Abul Kassim dituduh mengikut telunjuk DAP dalam hal ehwal fatwa.

10 Mat Rempit nabbed, 22 motorcycles seized

Nine of these illegal motorcycle racers tested positive for drugs while the other one tried to run down a policeman.

Teen biker rams Penang cop

The police stop over 200 motorcyclists and pillion riders for checks in the operations.

Penang Islamic hospital to open in 2020

Groundbreaking for the 200-bed hospital costing RM280 million in Bayan Baru will be held on Sunday.

Cops to close Penang highway for 6 hours on Wednesday

Motorists advised to skip Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway and use Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah instead.

New Namewee music video on ‘Lokap’ experience

Rapper claims he was asked to strip naked and squat, among other things in five-minute YouTube video.

Why pay more, PKR leader asks of EPF-DUKE deal

Sim Tze Tzin questions if political pressure forced EPF to pay a premium price for stake in DUKE concessionaire with Umno leader's brother a major shareholder.

Woman told to pay RM18,000, or else…

Car repossessing agent tells woman she had stood as guarantor for someone who purchased a car, but she knows nothing about it.