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Hutan Malaysia jadi pilihan penggambaran drama UK

Penerbit siri 'Our Girl' John Griffin berkata, dari sudut pandangan produksi, persekitaran Malaysia sangat sesuai dengan persekitaran Bangladesh.

Matt LeBlanc to step down as BBC ‘Top Gear’ host

LeBlanc claimed to no longer be able to bear the travel burden that hosting "Top Gear" required.

ITV mulls buying half of UKTV in deal with BBC

According to terms of the joint venture, BBC has the right to buy out its partner at a set price before the end of next week, the newspaper reported.

Legendary football commentator Motson to hang up mike

Legendary BBC commentator John Motson retires on Sunday after half a century of loyal service that made him and his trademark sheepskin coat a fixture of English football fans' weekends.

‘Soft chicken’ Zaleha tells why her lips are sealed

The Malaysian-born MasterChef participant thanks supporters but says she cannot respond to the outrage sparked by her elimination from the show.

Tennis great Navratilova slams BBC over Wimbledon pay

It wasn't until the BBC published the salaries of its highest-paid stars last July, in brackets of £50,000, that she realised fellow presenter McEnroe's pay packet was between £150,000 and £199,999.

BBC urges UN to help protect rights of its Iranian staff

Lawyers for the BBC World Service in October has filed an urgent appeal to UN Special Rapporteurs David Kaye and Asma Jahangir on behalf of its Persian Service staff.

BBC launches Igbo-, Yoruba-language services in Nigeria

Peter Okwoche lauded the services, saying that they were much-needed.

Taliban active in 70% of Afghanistan, BBC study finds

The Taliban also fully control 4% of Afghanistan.

Four senior BBC male journalists agree to pay cuts after inequality...

After it was revealed that the BBC paid its male journalists far more than its female ones, four of its male journalists agreed to pay cuts.

Pelakon watak Tinky Winky Teletubbies akan diingati

Anak lelaki Shelton, Henry yang turut dikenali sebagai Simon Barnes memberitahu, bapanya meninggal dunia pada 17 Januari lalu.

BBC editor quits China post over pay discrimination

Carrie Gracie resigned from her post after discovering that her male colleagues were earning far more money than she was.

BBC drama ‘McMafia’ explores depths of global crime

The upcoming BBC drama "McMafia" will take a closer look at the inner workings of the world of organized crime.

BBC Myanmar tamat kontrak TV tempatan tapis program Rohingya

BBC berkata, mereka menamatkan perjanjian itu selepas MNTV menapis atau membatalkan beberapa programnya sejak Mac lalu.

BBC Burma pulls Myanmar TV deal over Rohingya ‘censorship’

BBC said it was ending the deal after MNTV censored or pulled multiple programmes since March this year.

Female stars want BBC to ‘act now’ on gender pay gap

BBC's list of on-air employees earning at least 150,000 pounds number 96 people, two-thirds of them men, most earning more than women doing similar work.

Selepas video viral, keluarga profesor dijadikan watak kartun

Lauren Martin dan Jarryd Mandy tampil dengan idea kartun itu selepas menonton video viral sesi temu bual bersama BBC itu lebih 100 kali.

Bila satira bertukar menjadi Islamofobia

Tidak salah umat Islam dikritik, namun kebelakangan ini, garis antara kritikan dan ejekan mula terpadam dan umat Islam yang menjadi sasaran.

‘Iron Lady’ Thatcher tops female power list ahead of Beyonce, Bridget...

Her legacy included radically transforming the British economy along free-market lines and a role in the peaceful end to the Cold War.

Kasthuri: IGP in state of denial over baby trade

The MP wants police to accept the reality and crack down on the syndicates offering babies for sale.

Imam masjid antara 100 wanita dianggap paling berpengaruh oleh BBC

Kesemua 100 wanita yang dipilih tahun ini mewakili pelbagai arena termasuk seni, bisnes, kesihatan, hak asasi, politik dan sukan.

MO1 memang Najib, kata Rahman Dahlan

Ia merupakan kali kedua menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri itu menamakan presiden Umno adalah Malaysian Official 1 yang dirujuk pihak berkuasa Amerika Syarikat.

Netizens ‘school’ BBC over mistake on Schooling

British broadcaster wrongly captioned Singaporean Olympic gold medalist as Malaysian, and corrects the mistake within the hour, after being taken to task by netizens.

MH370 relatives angry over ‘ignored’ debris

Potential clues have been left untouched for weeks, with no prospect of them being gathered and examined.