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Strange sludge washes up at Batu Ferringhi beach

A visitor from Subang Jaya said there was a foul stench accompanying the sludge on Sunday but authorities say the waters today were clean and suspect that layers of sludge was washed ashore by a large wave.

Beach in Barcelona evacuated after explosive device found in water

Navy specialists have been summoned to deactivate the device, which could date back to the 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War.

Israel remains hooked on plastic despite measures by activists

A World Wide Fund for Nature report has ranked Tel Aviv's coastline as the third most polluted by plastic waste in the Mediterranean.

Indonesians hit the beach in mass trash pick-up

As the country celebrates its 74th independence day anniversary, volunteers and civil servants scoured for plastic rubbish and other debris, collecting truckloads of trash across the 17,000-island archipelago.

Falling in love with Faial Island, Azores

Faial is a lovely, picturesque island with rolling green pastures, lots of cows, and hedgerows filled with hydrangeas and other colourful blooms.

Pantai Sri Tujuh: Tumpat’s hidden paradise

Despite the litter, this Kelantan beach is worth visiting for its golden sand.

Pantai Bisikan Bayu: Beach of the Whispering Breeze

This Kelantanese beach has been left unscathed by the ravages of erosion and is worth a visit for its beauty.

KK City Hall struggles with trash on beaches

Items thrown into drains pour into the Likas river mouth, make their way into the sea and are washed ashore during high tide.

Gone are the turtles that once made Rantau Abang famous

This beach was once one of only six main nesting sites in the world for gentle Leatherback Turtles but sadly they have become extinct today.

Nissan debuts concept crossover for surfers – with built-in shower system

The Kicks Surf comes with a portable shower system to clean off in after you're done catching some rays and riding the waves.

Bukit Keluang: Lovely beaches, stunning scenery

This idyllic spot is located in Terengganu about 6 km south of the town of Kuala Besut which is where travellers catch boats to Perhentian Islands.

Race row after guards clear Cape Town beach

This is the latest in a series of controversies over the issue of racism on South Africa's beaches.

Miri’s many picture-postcard beaches

The coastline south of Miri is really just one long beach stretching 40km and more, but there are several beaches easy to access by car.

Boracay Island: 1986 and now

From transportation and shopping, to its nightlife and resorts, Boracay Island in the Philippines has developed by leaps and bounds.

Thai beach made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio to remain closed

Officials signed an announcement extending the closure indefinitely, as the coral reefs and local environment have yet to make a full recovery.

By the light of the silvery moon at Pantai Cahaya Bulan

If there during a weekday, you will likely have the beach all to yourself as the stretch only becomes a hive of activity during the weekends and on school holidays.

Pulau Pangkor: Laidback lifestyle with beautiful beaches

The atmosphere in Teluk Nipah, reputed to have the best beach on the island, can be rather laidback and sleepy during off-peak seasons.

Top tourist attractions in the Philippines

With over 7,000 gorgeous sun-drenched tropical islands, there is much to see and do when you visit the Philippines.

Sun safety: the experts give their tips on how sunscreen can...

To help you stay safe in the sun this summer here we round up some advice from the experts and break down some of the myths about sunscreen.

These are the world’s top beaches for ‘wow’ factor 2018

Spain dominates a list of the world's most breathtaking beaches that includes coastlines in Kenya, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Israel, Indonesia and even the UK.

Japan reopens beaches hit by 2011 nuclear, tsunami disaster

The beaches were located in Fukushima Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture.

Crowd of 6,000 heads to UK beach to be extras in...

The scene was filmed at a beach in Gorleston, England.

Plastic waste washes up on Australia’s distant shores, rings change at...

Flotsam and jetsam, especially plastic bags and one-use containers, cover the shoreline of the Australian island. Volunteers recently collected 1.5 tonnes of waste in just a few days.

Daredevil pilots head for sandy beach in Belgium

A beach in Belgium will host the first-ever short take-off and landing aeroplane competition.