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Tag: Bear

Italians cheer on wild bear’s ‘Great Escape’

The bear climbs over a four-metre high and 7,000-volt electric fence to freedom.

4 key principles to financial freedom

Learn how to harness compounding returns, eliminate excessive broker fees and more.

You can’t time the market

Successful long-term investing starts with an investment plan you can stick to so you invest systematically regardless of whether markets are up or down.

Animated film to spotlight bear that served in WWII

The unbelievable true story of the orphaned cub is now being turned into an animated movie.

GE plunges again as analysts double down on the bear case

Once among the most respected American businesses, GE can now barely go one full week without a negative headline.

What to do in a bear market

As a long-term investor, time is your friend and a bear market is likely to last for only a short period of time compared to your entire investment time frame.

What do these investment terms even mean?

Here's an attempt to explain investment terms like ROI, TA and FA among others in as clear a manner as possible.

‘Silly old bear’: New exhibition celebrates Winnie-the-Pooh

Generations of parents felt a connection to the familiar narratives and illustrations of Winnie-the-Pooh as children, and they've been passing it on to their own kids.

Sapporo: Home to hot springs and chilly canal boat rides

From cable car rides to beautiful shrines and clock towers, Sapporo also has a zoo that is home to meerkats, reptiles, wolves and polar bears.

Tesla’s amazing. Tesla’s horrible. The bulls and bears speak.

While the company’s never produced a dime of profit, analysts see that changing soon.

NGO outraged by pitiable conditions at Sabah zoo

Friends of the Orangutans Malaysia claims animals at the Lok Kawi Zoo are put in small and dirty cages with the elephants kept chained.

Safari ranger injured in bear attack

He was cleaning the cage when the bear broke loose through an improperly locked door.

Idaho approves first grizzly bear hunt in decades

The hunting of grizzly bears had been banned in Idaho since 1975.

Hawaii shark bite victim previously attacked by bear, snake

Dylan McWilliams says his parents are grateful he is still alive.

New story, editions slated to mark Paddington Bear’s 60th

Late British author Michael Bond's beloved Paddington Bear turns 60 in 2018, an occasion that will be marked with the release of a brand-new story as well as a lavish picture book and a new story collection.

Russian, Chinese smugglers arrested with tonne of bear paws, NGO says

The smugglers were also carrying tiger, deer, and frog body parts.

Stop politicising every event, Guan Eng tells Umno

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng commends organisers of bears exhibit for removing “offending” gold bear with Arabic inscription after a complaint was received.