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Overwhelmed Belgian monks enter internet age to sell prized beer

Belgian Trappist monks who brew one of the world’s most coveted beers are turning to online sales to ensure their limited supply goes directly to beer lovers rather than to profiteers.

Members call EGM to revoke Negeri-owned golf club’s ban on beer

They say the decision to halt the sale of beer is against the club's constitution.

Sapporo beer posters: Changing with the times

A museum houses fascinating beer label designs and advertising posters from 1987 to the present day.

Bucking the crisis, Greek microbreweries bubble to the fore

While small and medium-sized breweries in Greece were destroyed by the 2010 economic crisis, microbreweries survived and continue to thrive.

San Miguel offers clean water supply to ease Manila shortage

The plan will need 14,000 trips a day using 10-kilolitre tankers from its treatment plant in Bulacan, north of the capital, to supply the 140 million litres that Manila Water needs daily to end water interruptions, potentially adding to the capital’s traffic woes.

Beer drinkers set to lose from China’s trade wars

Prices of high-grade barley used to produce malt to make beer and whiskey will probably rise by 20% this year in China due to a probe into imports of barley from Australia.

Heineken toasts fizziest beer growth in a decade

The world's second-largest brewer recorded growing sales last year but warned 2019 could be "volatile".

Asahi buys Fuller’s London pride beer in US$330 million deal

Asahi will also get cider and soft-drinks production assets as well as a wine wholesaling business.

Metallica releases new ‘Enter Night Pilsner’ beer

Enter Night Pilsner will get a full US roll-out over the next few months.

3 street foods that are perfect with a chilled Tiger

Nothing washes down a hot and spicy snack better than a super chilled bottle of Tiger, especially in Malaysia's hot weather conditions.

Raise a glass to Chicago, US city with most breweries

The sheer volume of brewers in Chicago makes a strong case for the Midwestern city to take the crown as the country's beer capital.

Heineken seals US$3 billion deal with China’s top brewer

Heineken will take a 40% stake in the holding company that controls China Resources Beer, merge its current operations in China into the firm and license to it the Heineken brand for use in the country.

Of wonderful wines and whiskeys

Here's a roundup of freshly unveiled wines, interesting personalities, and what’s new with Johnnie Walker.

Heineken sales rise in every region, outlook held

Sales of Heineken lager, the company's premium global brand on which margins are greater, rose by 9.2%, with strong growth in Brazil, South Africa, France and Russia.

More banking executives pull out of Saudi investment conference

Executives from the media and technology industries had already withdrawn from the event after the disappearance of Khashoggi.

Prost, ganbei, cheers: Climate change means less beer

Heatwaves and droughts will periodically cause sharp declines in barley yields, a crucial ingredient in most beers.

The Japanese gastropub craze has hit town

The Robataya Izakaya in Publika has got everything going for it - drinks and a full on Japanese meal with rolls, sashimi, skewers, barbecues and salads.

‘Women must be heard’: Thousands march against Kavanaugh

Last week Blasey Ford testified before lawmakers – and more than 20 million Americans watching live on television – that Kavanaugh attacked her in 1982, when they were both teenagers.

Beer and bull-riding: Australian revellers celebrate the outback

The two-day event has outlasted other festivals held in Australia by embracing the nation's rural heritage.

Brewery: Lab tests confirm Kingfisher beer methanol-free

It says its sales in countries like Singapore and Japan have been badly affected after reports of deaths from toxic alcohol poisoning in Malaysia.

Belgium blesses its beer on brewers’ day

Belgian monks began brewing more than 1,000 years ago and there are currently more than 150 breweries making beers ranging from strong Trappist brews to fruit ales.

Carlsberg chief talks deals, announcing M&A cash is ready to use

Carlsberg is still interested in expanding in Vietnam, where the company has attempted to increase its stake in Habeco for a number of years.

Vientiane: Land of Buddhist temples and scenic sunsets

Once a French colony, their influence can still be found in the food, some of the older colonial architecture and in street names.

Heineken seals $3.1 billion tie-up with China Resources Beer, shares surge

The deal comes as global beer giants Heineken, AB InBev and Carlsberg face fierce competition in emerging markets, touted as the growth engine for the world's biggest brewers.