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China’s largest ever Picasso exhibition opens

The largest Picasso exhibition ever held in China opens, featuring more than 100 works – many of them from the artist's early years.

China minister says provoking trade disputes is ‘naked economic terrorism’

Zhang Hanhui has described trade disputes between the United States and China as a ‘naked economic terrorism’.

China denounces US ‘rumours’ about Huawei ties to Beijing

China is accusing Mike Pompeo for fabricating rumours that Huawei is lying about its company’s ties to the Beijing government.

Fahami perbezaan budaya dan nilai, Dr M beritahu sidang kemuncak Belt...

Belt & Road adalah initiatif bagi mewujudkan rangkaian jaringan perdagangan antara Timur dan Barat menerusi pembangunan lapangan terbang, pelabuhan, laluan keretapi, laluan paip dan sebagainya.

Malaysia perlu dapatkan terma perjanjian lebih baik daripada China, kata profesor...

Langkah paling baik yang boleh dibuat ialah membawa Beijing ke meja rundingan dan cuba mendapatkan terma lebih baik untuk projek yang sedang berjalan.

Diplomacy blooms as China invites Vatican to garden expo

Both Beijing and the Holy See are now to have a say in appointing Catholic bishops in the Communist country, the world's most populous.

China using AI to identify Uighurs across China

This is the first known example of a government intentionally using AI for racial profiling.

Optimism rising over US, China trade accord

The IMF predicted this week that the slowing world economy should begin to rebound in the latter part of 2019 – provided in part that the world's top two economies resolve their differences.

Art ambition: Hong Kong battles Beijing as dreams for culture soar

Hong Kong is striving to turn itself into a cultural heavyweight through a spate of new multi-million-dollar public art spaces.

EU leaders call for end to ‘naivety’ in relations with China

The bloc has sought to avoid taking sides in a multi-billion dollar trade war between Washington and Beijing.

Civilians trapped as Myanmar rebels squabble over expected China boom

The Shan state in Myanmar has been in decades of conflict and Beijing is looking to develop projects at its border.

China warns of repeating history’s mistakes with Venezuela

China has repeatedly called for outsiders not to interfere in Venezuela's internal affairs and has stuck by the embattled President Nicolas Maduro.

China chat log leak shows scope of surveillance

Over the past decade, Beijing has cracked down on internet cafes, especially underground venues that serve minors, over concerns of game addiction and crime.

Activists say Chinese police step up use of video ‘confessions’

The clampdown on student activism comes with the impending 30th anniversary of the bloody Tiananmen Square repression.

US-China trade talks set to open in Beijing

The 2 countries have already slapped tariffs on more than US$360 billion in 2-way trade.

US-China trade talks resume next week, focus on intellectual property

A White House official says that preparations are under way and the talks will continue to focus on pressing Beijing to make structural reforms.

Merkel says more security needed on Chinese firms

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says it is necessary to talk to Beijing to make sure Huawei does not simply give up data used to the Chinese state, but that there are safeguards.

Chinese Olympic legend finds her calling on road to 2022

Few know better than Yang Yang what it takes to succeed at the pinnacle of sport.

Beijing dismisses Soros’ anti-China remarks as ‘meaningless’

Soros said that the algorithms on China's high-tech system, which keeps an eye on its citizens, would give the Xi Jinping total control over its people.

Huawei books record sales in its smartphone business

The jump of around 50% in the Huawei's consumer business revenue saw that unit replace its carrier business as its largest segment by sales.

Hong Kong to make mocking of China’s anthem a crime

The anthem proposal is expected to pass easily when it comes to a vote as the opposition does not have enough seats to block routine legislation.

China Inc is battling a crisis of confidence

Observers are now forecasting a deeper slowdown and have put the big-spending Chinese consumer on life support.

US Navy chief does not rule out sending aircraft carrier through...

Admiral John Richardson says sending a US aircraft carrier through the Taiwan Strait remains an option for the US Navy, despite advances in China's military technology.

China’s growth set to slow to 6.3% in 2019, more stimulus...

Beijing is planning to lower its economic growth target to 6-6.5% this year from around 6.5% in 2018.