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Chinese investment in Malaysia up 4-fold in 5 years, says envoy

Bai Tian says Chinese companies have invested in 422 projects and created 73,000 jobs since the Belt and Road Initiative was introduced.

Malaysia clever at playing US-China game, says don

'Well played, Dr Mahathir' says political scientist Lynette Ong about the prime minister's stance on the big power rivalry.

From sapling to towering tree: Envoy says Malaysia, China friends forever

Chinese ambassador Bai Tian says the two countries have handled their differences through consultations, consensus and mutual trust.

The real victims of China’s trade patterns

While China reaps growing benefits from its neighbours, most of the rest of Asia faces a negative net stimulus from it.

Dr M backs Belt and Road initiative on China trip

The prime minister says he is sure that Malaysia will benefit from the projects involved.

Peru set to join China’s Belt and Road club

Peru will be one of a few Latin American nations to formally join the China's flagship infrastructure policy.

Italy’s accord with China sparks new clash among leaders in Rome

Matteo Salvini, who has warned about potential security threats from China, cautioned about the lack of a free market in China.

China calls for US European companies to join Belt and Road

China's Belt and Road venture projects could benefit from partnerships with US and European enterprises.

Italy to defend strategic interests in China ‘Belt and Road’ accord

Italy had also been advised by White House spokesman Garrett Marquis that the accord was a 'political hazard'.

Italy wants to sign Belt and Road deal to help exports

Deputy Prime Minister Luigi di Maio says the 'Belt and Road' initiative with China is not political, it is only to help Italy's companies and their exports.

Souring deals put China’s Belt and Road dreams under pressure

Chinese projects inevitably get tangled in domestic politics and fiscal considerations of the countries they are intended to help.

China firm completes US$1.4 billion Sri Lanka land reclamation

Colombo is a key hub for Indian import-export cargo and the new real estate is situated at the entrance.

Asean wary of China’s Belt and Road project, sceptical of US,...

Some Western governments have accused China of pulling countries into a debt trap with the initiative.

Egypt minister sees no threats attached to China investment

Egypt and China had signed deals worth $18 billion as part of the Belt and Road initiative.

China says it respects Malaysia’s decision on rail project

Its vice-finance minister Zou Jiayi says countries are free to vet and evaluate the terms of the projects under China's Belt and Road initiative.

Malaysia won’t abandon Belt and Road Initiative, says Kian Ming

The deputy international trade and industry minister says Putrajaya’s approach had been misunderstood following the recent decision to cancel China-backed projects.

China’s ‘Silk Road’ project runs into debt jam

Concerns grow that China is setting up debt traps in countries which may lack the means to pay back the Asian giant.

China’s Xi offers fresh US$295 million grant to Sri Lanka in...

The grant offer comes at a time when a Chinese firm is facing heavy criticism for allegedly financing the last election campaign of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

China shows rising interest in Middle East during Xi visit to...

They announced 13 agreements and memoranda of understanding, including approval for the first Chinese state-owned financial services firm to set up in Abu Dhabi's AGDM financial centre.

China overloading poor nations with debt, top US official says

The criticism of Beijing - targeted by President Donald Trump in a trade war that has sent ripples through economies around the world - comes as Washington seeks to ramp up development finance in the face of China's global ambitions.

MCA led astray by business, laments party veteran

Yap Pian Hon says the party invested too much of itself in the Belt and Road initiative, and lost its focus on politics.

Singapore says US, China both risking status quo with actions

He also attacked what he said were excessive loans made under China’s Belt and Road Initiative on infrastructure projects that were binding smaller nations in debt.

Mahathir haggles with China to shave ECRL costs

High-speed rail to Singapore also being reviewed, cancellation will cost us a lot, PM says in interview.

China’s ‘Belt and Road’ gains momentum from Kunming to Mombasa

Here’s a list of projects that analysts who track China’s Belt and Road investments say will provide the most economic impact to countries by unlocking trade routes.