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Jamal’s statements imply I am linked to IS, says Maria

The Bersih 2.0 chairman says Jamal was sent a letter demanding an apology over his remarks but he flushed it down a toilet.

Zahid denies use of national security laws to detain critics

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says report by US govt wrong, adding Maria Chin Abdullah's arrest last November had nothing to do with 'political differences'.

Sabah varsity students face action over Bersih 5

Student defends her presence at rally, demands Universiti Malaysia Sabah prove that Bersih 5 was illegal.

Bersih 2.0 will not pay RM34,000 bill from City Hall

Bersih 2.0 chair Maria Chin Abdullah points to the Court of Appeal decision last year which ruled that the government cannot claim for damages which occur in a rally.

Judge tells Maria, Jamal to settle suit out of court

High Court judge does not want matter of suit by Maria Chin Abdullah against Jamal Yunos to go to trial, recommends settlement.

Kami akan jawab polis di mahkamah, kata trio PKR

Rafizi berkata sebarang cubaan untuk mendakwa ahli Parlimen PKR berkaitan Bersih 5 dilihat bermotifkan politik, kerana Jamal Yunos belum didakwa

Maria shares her experience as a Sosma detainee

Maria Chin Abdullah says her detention was part of the authorities attempt to create a conspiracy theory revolving around Bersih 2.0 accepting money from George Soros.

Why question us on old allegation, LFL asks cops

Law reform group says a similar claim was made in 2012 before it was dropped.

Ahli Parlimen Klang dipanggil polis kenal pasti peserta Bersih 5

Charles Santiago menyertai senarai panjang orang yang dipanggil untuk disoal mengenai pembabitan dalam tunjuk perasaan di ibu negara 19 November lalu

Police call in Klang MP on Bersih 5

Police quiz Charles Santiago on whether he can identify the people involved in the rally.

Pua: Why no action over racist speeches by Umno delegates

Pua says the Umno members are like 'kings of this country', while those who sought to protect the rights of minorities are detained and face 'unfair' investigations.

Tak adil ucapan perkauman di PAU terlepas siasatan, kata Tony

Pengerusi DAP Selangor berkata berlaku layanan tidak adil di Malaysia jika hanya ucapan di himpunan Bersih 5 disiasat, sedangkan polis tidak menyiasat mereka yang berucap di PAU.

With Sosma abuse, it’s time for repeal, says lawyer

Bar Council member says government's promise that law is to check extremism is now broken, with three individuals charged under act for criticising administration.

Maria Chin, freed from Sosma, still subject to police probe

The Bersih 2.0 chairperson says Empower was raided as police believe Bersih’s accounts are at that office.

Opposition members refuse to answer questions on Bersih 5

We have chosen to remain silent until we are charged in court, say five opposition members who were questioned by police on possible violations of the Peace Assembly Act 2012 and Sedition Act 1948.

Pemimpin pembangkang enggan jawab soalan Bersih 5

Lima pemimpin pembangkang itu berkata, mereka memilih untuk mendiamkan diri sehingga didakwa di mahkamah.

Men in red see women as easy meat

It was like a bad dream where you realise you are standing in your birthday suit in front of a room full of strange faces.

Bersih says ‘no’, Red Shirts say ‘yes’ to DBKL cleaning bills

DBKL will have to prove rally participants damaged the landscape around KLCC before it pays RM26,500 cleanup bill, say Bersih 5 organisers.

Bil pembersihan DBKL: Bersih kata tidak, Baju Merah kata ya

Penganjur Bersih 5 berkata DBKL perlu membuktikan penyokong mereka yang merosakkan landskap di KLCC.

Detention of Maria under Sosma follows law, says AG

He says a 'security offence' is not limited to only offences related to terrorism, but also covers, among others, offences in connection with activities that are detrimental to parliamentary democracy.

500 Maria supporters stay put despite foul smell at Dataran

Participants find 10 dead chickens rotting near gathering point, on fourth and last night of vigil at the Dataran Merdeka, before vigil moves to PJ

Baru: Why delay Non-Islamic Affairs Unit, CM?

Reminding Adenan Satem of promise in June, state PKR leader Baru Bian says Muslim converts wishing to return to their original faith face a lot of problems.

US govt troubled over Maria’s arrest under Sosma

Washington also concerned about Malaysian authorities' arrest of a number of other organizers, activists and politicians ahead of and during Bersih 5.

Nazri: Umno ministers can’t count? Well, Dr M is like a...

"Since when does his opinion count? People just laugh it off as coming from a senile old man," says tourism and culture minister.