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Buat sendiri semburan pelbagai guna bersihkan habuk, tandas

Buat sendiri lebih mudah daripada membelanjakan sejumlah wang untuk membuat campuran yang bersesuaian memudahkan kerja-kerja membersihkan rumah.

Educate people on their rights, NGO urges new Suhakam commissioner

SAVE River chairman Peter Kallang says this way, Suhakam won't be perceived as just an organisation that receives complaints.

Bersih calls for second RCI into Sabah illegal immigrants – and...

This time, the RCI must be given powers to act against those responsible for granting citizenship to illegals.

Dah tiba masanya Putrajaya biaya Bersih, kata Ambiga

Bagaimanapun, bekas pengerusi Bersih itu berkata ia mesti dibuat tanpa syarat atau had.

Time for Putrajaya to fund Bersih, says Ambiga

The electoral watchdog's former chair, however, says it must come with no strings attached.

Fix electoral map, says Bersih as it warns of spike in...

The electoral watchdog lists many other pending reforms promised by Pakatan Harapan.

Do not threaten to silence civil society, Bersih tells Sabah minister

Bersih 2.0 slams Sabah minister who threatened to control NGOs by amending existing laws on civil society organisations.

Bersih sokong umur calon pilihan raya 18 tahun

Bersih berkata ia menggalakkan anak-anak muda terlibat dalam pembinaan negara.

Bersih backs lowering election candidates’ age to 18

It encourages young people to involve themselves in nation-building, says the group's chairman.

Appointment of Suhakam commissioners against spirit of PH manifesto, says Bersih

The electoral watchdog says Promise 26 of the manifesto states that the appointment of Suhakam commissioners will be done through a parliamentary committee.

Sg Kim Kim dibersihkan sepenuhnya, kata Zuraida

Sisa berbahaya yang terkumpul telahpun dibawa ke Pusat Pelupusan Kualiti Alam untuk dihapuskan.

Latheefa’s MACC appointment, excellent choice but flawed process

Unless the appointment process is institutionalised, there is a risk that all the good appointments so far could be undone in a day if the next PM so wishes.

Bersih calls for RCI into ‘electoral misconduct’ in May 9 polls

This comes after a tribunal to hear allegations of misconduct against six former EC members decided not to proceed with the hearing.

Bersih records 19 offences in Sandakan by-election

Eleven of these were committed by Pakatan Harapan and its ally Warisan.

Ministers should take leave if they want to campaign, Bersih says

The electoral watchdog says this is to prevent any perception that the EC is controlled by the government.

Lead the way in restoring local council elections, Bersih tells Sabah

The election watchdog says polls for village leaders and local councils will make them more accountable and pressure them to provide good service.

PBS gesa polis siasat dakwaan beli undi di PRK Sandakan

Ketua Penerangan PBS, Joniston Bangkuai menyifatkan tindakan membeli undi ialah sindiran dan ancaman serius kepada demokrasi.

Bersih raps Warisan over use of govt assets on campaign trail

It refers to a video since taken down from Instagram showing a campaign team from Warisan heading for Pulau Berhala on police boats operated by police personnel.

Nga says duty-bound to speak up after Bersih rebuke

He responds to criticism by Bersih, saying his role as deputy speaker and a politician outside the house are two separate matters.

Bersih moots amending constitution to trigger redelineation exercise

Bersih 2.0 chairman says amending Article 46 of the Federal Constitution to add more parliamentary seats will allow the Election Commission to carry out a redelineation exercise before GE15.

Bersih report card singles out DAP’s Nga in criticism over parliamentary...

The electoral watchdog gives 7 out of 10 for PH's commitment to institutional reforms.

Independents grab spotlight at Sandakan forum with DAP and PBS absent

A speaker from the floor draws laughter at public forum by suggesting that only one independent should contest, not three, to save their deposit money.

DAP, PBS snub Bersih forum for Sandakan by-election candidates

Only independent candidates agree to take part, with Vivien Wong and Linda Tsen citing busy schedules.

EC defends Lajim’s appointment as election observer in Sandakan

EC chairman Azhar Harun says Lajim Ukin was representing the Electoral Reform Committee, not any political party.